Friday, March 03, 2017



Last week, I was invited to the lyf@SMU launch and I actually had fun! 

"actually".. means I don't usually have fun in such social settings.. because I may appear extroverted but there is a part of me that is very introverted too. While a part of my personality allows me to power through the requisite small talk at events but it also drains me (which is why you don't see me at events that often! Hurhur).

So, going back to what I was saying before: I had a good time at lyf@SMU.

"So what's lyf@SMU?"

With that as a start, you should get the essence of what the whole project stands for. SMU has partnered with The Ascott Limited (Ascott) to offer its students a dynamic and trend-setting co-study, co-work, co-living environment that also serves as a 'living lab' where applied research takes place. SMU also expects lyf@SMU to be the new platform for SMU-industry events catering to students as well as the general public, such as  TED talks, boot camps and hackathons!!

The entire four-storey building is crafted creatively for the millennials. Our fellow millennials' opinions were highly regarded in the process of making this space happen. The moment you enter, feast your eyes with the refreshing and unconventional take on interior. 

"So what's there at lyf@SMU?"

I'll highlight several spots that I personally like and you can find out the rest on your own ;-)

There's this section where there are bikes that power electricity through kinetic energy (pic below). Soon, the extension cords will be installed and that allows you to charge your phones and laptop! The platform is made in such a way that you can rest your laptop there for you to work while you exercise haha talk about healthy lifestyle and efficiency hey!

And then, there's also this soundproof room where you can jam with your friends and.... sing ktv hahahahaaha. Dope?????? We tested it out. The room was real solid. 

There's also the Stress Remedy room where a virtual reality console is available for you to relieve your stress with games such as Fruit Ninja! Despite my bad with hand-eye coordination, I still had a great time trying it out haha.  

SMU Live Labs also introduced a Wi-Fi location & movement data analytics, where they created a heat map that tracks the occupancy of the space using wifi. Student of SMU can now access this piece of technology online and track how crowded Lyf@SMU, and other parts of the school compounds be, before heading over! AMAZING. I want this... in Orchard pls. 

For those who're interested to check out this space, head down to SMU Open House on 4 and 5 March to check it out!!!!! You won't regret it!!!!!!

Special shoutout to Stanley, who's a SMU final-year student as well as a dear friend of mine since secondary school: all the best for all the interviews and the tests you're about to conquer! This is the final lap of school, you've got this!!! Thank you for being such a sport and making the event fun for me too! 

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