Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Yes guys! Sorry, I've been keeping it a secret for quite some time because I wasn't sure if I was entirely sure.... But now that I know I am almost 75% certain (and that school is starting), I guess it's imperative for me to share such a huge piece of news with you guys hehehehe ^^

The next milestone of my life will take place at SIM University of Buffalo!!!!!!! I'll be conquering Bachelor of Communications. For how long? I'm still uninformed about that. Information on exemption will only be disclosed on the first day of school (26 May)!!!!!! *omg* 

I went for the school briefing today and I've met some people from my course. With this vague introduction and interaction with a few, I sincerely hope my first day wouldn't be as bad as I imagined. I had a good vibe of the batch and they all seemed rather nice. I mean, yeah it's probably too soon to judge but I made a friend today *yay* and I guess one is sufficient (for  now right?) haha. It's always comforting to have something familiar to fall back on in times of doubt. I'm sure that one precious friend will come in handy on the first day. No matter how old we get, it's still in us to seek comfort from another being. No one is ever too strong for occasions like that.

Little did I expect, (though my friends already warned me) to meet people whom already "know" me. It's flattering and Singapore just proves herself to be smaller then ever. I am always intimidated by the idea of meeting people whom already have an impression of me (now you know why I'm concerned about the flea) because I struggle with the fear of not being able to meet the expectation of the Irina you paint in your head. Everyone of you holds a different idea of me from the information I choose to disclose and because of that, the real me might seem a little far-fetched from what I've portrayed.

I am nothing like my Instagram. I'm... a lot more human and real, with a little goofiness yet packed with whole lot unglam moments. So if you happen to be my classmate and I appear to be different than what you think, I'd like to apologise beforehand for the disappointment I unknowingly caused. Though so, I assure you I'm pretty fun to be around hehehe.

Besides all that, I haven't been well-rested since I got back from Bangkok. My schedule's rather.... hectic. I forgo the UB orientation camp (20-22 May) which is supposed after the school briefing today, because I've too many things at hand to deal with and I've to clear them before school starts. Else, I don't know how I'm gonna juggle.

Yeap, that's about it to this short update! 
More posts coming up soon, I just need more time hehe.

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