Thursday, November 13, 2014


Hi, guys. Irina is back!

I hope I'm still welcomed here. After witnessing the enthusiastic welcome you guys gave to Yi Ming for his first blog crashing entry, I might be jealous ha ha...... On a serious note, I am very thankful for how nice you guys are to him. Really, what a wonderful bunch you guys are.

I don't feel like I'm turning 23. With school and so many other things ongoing in my life, I am not really slowing down to think about my birthday at all. This year, will be just another mundane year. Irina is not throwing a party. Irina is not making it big. Irina will be chilling

Came across this quote on tumblr yesterday,

"From 18 to 22, you meet a lot of temporary people."

IF. Let's just say, if it's true, I guess that brings me superficial comfort about growing older in a day's time. Honestly, I wouldn't say everyone I've met from 18 till now are pretentious and horrible. No. I've met some really nice people whom I wouldn't mind having in my life till I am old and grey. 

However, I do agree that it's a lot harder to establish real connection these days. People are a lot more guarded. Myself included. The process of getting to know someone is a lot more tedious and exhausting when you have to constantly second guess the intention of another, to analyse if they're sincere or simply, motive-driven. 

That aside, though a no-plans birthday....... I do look forward to what December has in store!!! Not only that Yi Ming is coming home on 7 December, but we're thinking of a Christmas party together!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought it'd be nice to have our close friends over to celebrate the season of giving together. It's not entirely confirmed but I look forward to it with all my heart.

Besides that, to welcome this well-deserving December school break, Yi Ming and I will be travelling to Vietnam and Taiwan!!!!!!! If you guys have been there before or best, if you're local, please don't be shy to drop me an email or leave a comment on places you think we should visit. It'd be nice to trade traveling tips online :-)

Hopefully, I will be disciplined enough to film a Vietnam and Taiwan vlog! Haven't been engaging with you as much as before, but I'll try! OK. I shan't stop here and carry on with my never-ending assignments. 

Have a blast this week! 
Go out, have fun and get crazy on my behalf yeah? Live life!


  1. You should totally visit Nha Trang in Vietnam! It's a beach resort and the people there are very tourist-friendly (unlike Ho Chih Min City). I stayed in Novotel and got a room directly facing the sea, which was awesome because I get an amazing view the moment I wake up and walk to the balcony! There are A LOT of food to try there too! The 2 that I vividly remember (it was soooo good) are Same Same But Different Cafe and Lac Canh Restaurant (try the grilled beef which you have to bbq yourself). There are many reliable tour agencies everywhere too, so you might wanna go diving and snorkeling. I'm not sure if there is a direct flight from Singapore to Nha Trang City, but I took a domestic flight from Ho Chih Min's airport and the air ticket is really affordable.

    I wouldn't recommend visiting Ho Chih Min City because it's really boring, besides the same old tourist spots like Mekong River, Cu Chi Tunnels, etc. It was well, a once in a lifetime experience but I will never want to go there again.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your trip there!!!! Do more research! :-)

  2. Hey Irina,

    Long time no talk. I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy birthday.
    Even though you're just chilling...and not throwing a party...on a Saturday.....wait...whut!?...
    I hope you get to spend your day surrounded by the people you love and doing the things that make you happy.
    Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I'm hoping that your prince in shining armor is going take a break from his studies and make an appearance, although...that is quite a long flight.

    Live Long & Prosper.

    John Q. Public =]

  3. Hi Irina! I just sent you an email about my experiences in Vietnam! I'm so excited for you to go!!! That's if you actually do decide to go.. Haha!

    Here are a few posts on my experience there:

    Isabelle xx