Saturday, March 07, 2015


Hello Internet friends,

How's your weekend so far? If you haven't made full use of it, get out there and live! Then again, if you're in the mood to just laze at home with a movie on (like me), here's one I enjoyed yesterday: The Painted Veil.

I haven't posted movie thoughts in a while and I know some of you guys love it. This movie had unexpectedly struck a chord in me and I really want to share it with you guys. My boyfriend introduced it to me just before he went for class and I watched it till the very end, without waiting for him... oops haha. He warned me though, "You might get emotional" and oh boy, I did. 

People might find it a little masochistic that I put myself through such movies and choose to bawl my eyes out, but I love the fact that movies can actually evoke such raw and real feelings out of me. It  never ceased to amaze me how moving images alone could make me feel so alive from stirring up my buried inner emotions. Having to see something so relatable on screen makes me feel... a lot less misunderstood by the world, like "Hey, someone else is going through this too," and suddenly, my problems don't seem so bad anymore. Yes, I often seek comfort in finding bits of myself in every movie I watch.

My boyfriend and I discussed infidelity openly to establish boundaries and lines we shouldn't cross, due to the severity of the consequences. I, for one, stand firm by no second chances, and as for he, "I would forgive if there's any love left." In comparison, I do look like a petty bitch next to his magnanimous soul. I often question his decision, "Why place your heart again in the hands of someone who broke it?"

And maybe this is why he introduced me to this movie without having to explain his answer. For those who're looking for a reason to take the leap of faith, maybe this movie might offer some sort of clarity. However, I'm glad to only have stumbled upon this today. Otherwise, today might turn out to be a very different today. 

People are unpredictable. 
People make mistake. People disappoint.
People get lost and find their way back.
But doesn't apply to everyone, does it?


  1. Hi! I've been following your instagram for some time now and just recently found out that you have a blog. Would you and yiming ever consider doing a Q&A post? Just wanted to hear your answers on some things like how you met, how long you've been together, etc. Thanks :)

  2. Hey just a quick question...where did you get your black velcro sandals with the strap on the side and across? I really like them :-)