Monday, May 28, 2012


I know I am random. But I really want to do a post on this because I can't wait to get my own apartment. I already have plans, to get a rented apartment and share it with my girls and boyfriend. I don't mind getting my own apartment either, and then I can have my girls stay with me as well. It works both ways, so I am cool with anything. I just want them with me:
both Sham and Huisze and also not forgetting, my boyfriend.

Things I'd love in house:

1. A lot natural lighting
2. Alot of "Whites"
3. House/Rooms with theme

I like it when a house has a lot of windows for the natural light to enter. It makes a huge difference and brighten up the whole house as well. I like it when it is simple; white walls, furnitures, decors items etc. I just like white. All white. That's the minimal me. 

But I have the crazy and cozy me too, where I like tribal-like patterns, bold colours, crazy-looking decors etc. You will see from the pictures below, how different I can be through the selection of photos.

Let's start of with Bedroom:

I don't mind a cat living with me in future. Actually I want one.

How amazing will this be right? 
Cuddling on the bed, watching your favourite with favourite boy.

Next, Bathroom/Toilet:

 Look at my two extreme sides. Hahahaha. 
That's how I work, so extreme. 
No middle ground, else it's considered mediocre to me.

And then, we have the Kitchen!!!
Kitchen is very very important cause ... I'd want to be motivated to cook! Only in a nice environment, I'd be inspired to put in effort. So it's important. Huisze and I will be sharing the kitchen. I hope she likes these pictures that I picked out, cause I love them HEHEHE. 

I like it when the utensils are in white.
It's like simple and neat and clean.
Steel and wood are okay too.
Table tops are important.
Love the pipe!

This picture below is random and does not fall into any of the category but...
I just simply love the DIY lights. Haha. So out of the point.

 Kiddos' room

Would love to have 4 beds in one room. Hehehe, so convenient!
Would love to have a chalkboard for my kids in the room in future. 

I know those pictures might be a lil' unrealistic because of the land and space constrain in Singapore. All this will only work if I've a huge house. Oh well.... I MIGHT JUST MIGRATE OK! 
Kidding, will see how la. Haiyo.
This is why the title says, "Dream House". 
It's just dream what. It doesn't have to come true.

Don't mind my house being this colourful as well.
Sigh, suddenly got feel to study interior design. 


  1. hi irina! may i know if you are using any sunscreen? if yes, what's the brand? :) thank you!

    1. Hey babe!!!! I don't use sunscreen actually, kinda lazy. Haha. But I know Loreal has good sunscreen!!!! :>

  2. Save that dream for your husband. Not boyfriend. Imagine how your husband would feel if this actually came true and your boyf didn't end up as your husband. Your posts so far have been great but this is slightly disappointing. I know I shouldn't judge but everything you say is captured by google. Just anyone can find out about this

  3. You got the same taste as me!!:D I want my house to be a total white house with loads of natural lighting too!:D One that makes me feel so close to nature:)

    1. Take a look at the link from the comment below! The house is damn cool. Cannot believe such house exists in Singapore.

  4. Dream BIG, because dreams do come true if you work hard! ...even, and especially, in Singapore. ;-)

    Check out this house in Sentosa. It's even better than the one you liked on Nassim Road. It made me go =O!

    1. No shit!!!! I can't understand all these rich people man. The gap between Rich and Average in Singapore is too big to fill. It's like the rich will always get richer but the average just live to keep what they have and do what they can.

      Sigh. Oh welllllll... THANK YOU FOR SHARING THOUGH! I really like it!!!! :-)

    2. It depends what you consider "Rich". The "Average" people in Singapore make more money per DAY than some people in the third world make in a year! The people of Singapore are the world's top 1%. LOL

      These days Singapore is one of the most friendly places in the world for business and entrepreneurship, even better than the U.S. I would say. There is no better place to GET rich. It's much harder and even impossible to jump the wealth gap in most other countries. In SG, at least you have a chance.

      But I think the growing wealth gap you speak of seems so daunting because so many of Singapore's wealthiest people (like the person who owns that house) aren't even Singaporean! They're tax fugitives from all over the world. So they get a HUGE head start when they show up. hahahaha

      Either way. Keep your chin up, girl. =]

      & since we were on the topic of toilets earlier...

      =O! I want to be in that tub allllllllllll dayyyyyyy longgggggggg.

  5. OK. So here is the "evil" plan.

    I was told that many real estate agencies in SG give "property tours" to "serious buyers"... so this is where our acting skills come into play... LOL

    We will subvert these tours into "Architecture & Interior design tours" for our own entertainment and photo-ops. *evil* (but don't worry, the plan is not ENTIRELY evil, I will fully compensate any agents involved for their time. I expect no one to work for free. And then everybody wins because the agents get paid well for a day's work and we get to walk around the most ridiculous houses in town with our jaws dropping to the floor at every one...They're just not going to make a multi-million dollar commission off of us from the sale of a home.)

    I'm not really into the idea of buying a house right now because I enjoy living in a high rise (no grass to cut or bushes to trim =P), and because prices for homes in SG are REALLY high right now, but maybe down the road I will.

    I hope we get to see something like THIS though:

    It would be like walking around a museum. =O!

    Either way, I think it'll be fun!
    I'll PM you the details on twitter before the next time I visit SG. =]