Sunday, July 01, 2012


Hi. I am really sorry that I've been neglecting this space. 
Have been occupied by other stuff lately.


Just gonna say: It's never gonna feel the same again. Urgh.

Okay, so as I was saying. I need to catch up with you guys.
So let me fill you in on my Korea trip first. 
I may not type everything I typed just now:

1. Cause I can't remember
2. I am still frustrated by Blogger
3. Read point 1 and 2 again

This is my favourite in Korea. I love it so so much.
It's obviously BBQ meat, but the way it's BBQ somehow... I just don't know why is it so different.
I guess the quality of the meat is different to begin with.

Btw guys, this is Adler. "Hi everyone, meet Adler!!!"
He is really nice and amusing, without him, I wouldn't have made it back home seriously.
Truly a friend.

Korea Carpark Level: Transformer
I am so so amazed by how the cars can be stacked like that, parked.

I have this thing for box-y looking cars.

"Take me to one of those dates on these, will ya?"

I like how Korea cafe/store/restaurant owners put in a lot of effort into creating a space of their own with meticulous and well-thought interior design which I think Singaporeans can definitely adopt and learn from. As realistic as Singaporeans can be, despite all these being costly, if your cafe looks so appealing, you as a customer can't help but to patronize! A great marketing strategy.

The other one I really like is this. Obvious the photos do no justice to whatever my eyes had witnessed. It's really different to see and feel the ambience right there and then.

Went to Carribean Bay. It is just like Wild Wild Wet, except bigger, better and more fun. Haha.
I love how they've a waterproof pouch for our phones, so that we could still take photos.
Good advertising.

The roller coaster made of wood, looked so filmsy and dubious to me but I still took it anyhoooooo... twice! Hahaha. Conquered it and felt real good, because now I can smugly say that "USS is nothing" MWUHAHAHAHA.

The milk that people craze about here.
It's really nice. Kinda miss it now.

Another meal that I love there.

Rice wine which they claim to be nice, sweet and mild.
I beg to differ.

Isn't this funny? A lorry of onions out of nowhere.
"Who needs to ward off vampires? We've endless supply!!!!"

It's really comforting to see this in foreign land. Ease homesick a little.

Made some friends because of my friend's friend.
Stayover at chalet, really a whole new different experience.
The thing about Koreans that I notice is that, when they have guests over they pay most of their expenses. Food, lodging, activities etc. which made me feel really bad because these things are definitely not cheap. Food. Chalet. Activities we did. Acquaintances paying for things I don't deserve.
This obviously turn into a burden more than joy for me.

I am someone who easily feel undeserving of overwhelming things, I tend to withdraw and back away which very often people might see/presume as hostility. Nevermind, kind of off topic anyway. 
This weird thing of mine is very hard to understand, so I shan't go on explaining.

Went waterskiing the very next morning (paid for), so now you know why do I feel burdened?
I didn't get to do it in the end cause the water was too cold after I tried out other water activities.
It felt as if hypothermia was gonna hit me! Just kidding, haha.

There, I met this young kid. I just want to bring him home. 
These photos do him no justice, really.

I saw people doing this on a moving vehicle in Korea. I was really tempted to try, but I didn't.
So, I decided to take a photo on a stationary vehicle instead haha.

For friends.

Went to their local wet market, and had really delicious and fresh goodies!
Saw the live baby squid, I was slightly horrified... that it could still move after being sliced to pieces!!!!

Love how the ladies have special parking lots for them.
I thought it was kind of like a "ladies first" idea, but most of my friends reckon that it's probably because female drivers are often bad drivers hence giving way to them. Sheesh!

A day in HongKong before heading back to Singapore.

Didn't have the chance to be on those.

Finally went for tarot card reading.
I took Adler's advice and remained pokerface the whole time so as to not give away any clues to the lady, but she was surprisingly and horrifyingly accurate about things.... so yeah. Hahaha.

I would rate this trip 6.5/10?

Yeah. Would definitely touch on this more in future entries. 
There are still a lot of things that I want to get off my chest and haven't been able to do so. 
Wait for it yeah, guys.

See you. Ciaoz.


Btw, I feel sorry for those who are already following me on Instagram
and having to see these same old photos again. Haha! Sorry!!!!

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