Sunday, July 01, 2012


It's a really beautiful place, but the place I went for my first dive trip, Pulau Dayang, was definitely waaaaaaay better than Tioman. The water was clearer, the environment was better, the scenery was nicer, and of course, it's not Tioman's fault. 

It is no doubt human's mistake. It hurts to see cigarette butts floating on the surface of the sea. Not one, not two. If every smokers were to think to drop one butt (accidentally) into the sea is okay, what would all the beautiful places become in 1 year time? 

Pollution... seriously. Well, I am no better myself.
I probably/definitely contribute in some other ways of pollutions.
I am guilty and human doings are ugly.

Lovely boyfriend left a note while I was asleep on the 3hour bus ride. 
So sorry, love you!!! HEHEHE

Beautiful isn't it?

If only I could bring one of these precious home.
No wait, if only my mom allows....

Just ignore my boyfriend's eyes. 
Happens often hahaha. Bad timing.

Reason why I chose to go back to the sea whenever I can.

Pulau Salam for lunch after dive.

Trying to blend in.

KK chilling~~~
I really do love this picture a lot. 
How I wish I was the one lying there, and he was the one taking the picture instead.

Before sunset.

After sunset.

Beauty staring right through you. 
Simply gorgeous.

After dinner.

God's creations are simply breathtaking.

That's all! Short and sweet!

Bye, Tioman!
It's been fulfilling.

Random fact: I need to do things that feed/nourish the soul, else it's as good as useless to me.

Goodnight readers! 


  1. Hi, may I know where you got the bracelet you are wearing? It's the thin black-ish one with a horizontal silver charm?

    1. Actually dear, it's just a simple hair tie of mine. Haha.

  2. Its from topshop under accessories. :)