Saturday, April 20, 2013


Sorry I haven't been updating causing some of you sweet souls to worry about me. I am okay, really. I have been coping rather well. I meet friends, I go for castings, I work, I laugh, I laze, I am pretty much almost back to normal.

Thank you so much, guys :')

While waiting for Marks & Spencer show
It was definitely a good show. I've never felt such adrenaline rush after so long, and experiencing it that day was just amazing. I need to get back that momentum, I need to get used to that. 2 more months and my braces will come off, and I will travel to model.

They say it's power of makeup /10 years older

But I say, it's all selca skill hahaha /Instantly younger

Thank you Makmak for meeting me and giving me a lift after the show /loadsoflove

I lost 3-4kgs recently but trust me, I have been eating.
Just not as consistent as before, but I am.

The feeling you get after knowing you booked the job for the casting you went - AWESOME.

That's all. 


  1. haha hey isn't that rachel erasmus from ANTM!!

  2. Hey! Mind sharing your where your braces from? Hope to hear you soon!

    1. Hello!!!! It's from Emmanuel Dental in Dhoby! It's really reasonably cheap and fast!!!!!!

  3. hello mind sharing where you got the white top you're wearing from?? :)