Sunday, April 07, 2013


I feel so humbled and relieved to say that
Jeremy and I, we are okay, as of now.

Thank you for those who were worried, I appreciate it a lot.
Thank you :-)


Finally seen how Zouk's TGIW is like after they've shifted. My friends all said it wasn't a true reflection of the usual fun cause that night was pretty shitty hahahaha. The crowd was madness, there was no space to move and I left early for Spize which is rather amaaaaazing hehe.


Through the rough time, I've grown to love my friends more.
To those who've always been there, thank you for being amazing since forever.
To those who've just gotten close recently, thank you for being this new part of amazing.

Best part of all, I've reconciled with a friend I've been missing dearly.

It's slowly getting better. I feel it.

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