Saturday, November 02, 2013


Just got off the phone with a girlfriend who just broke up yesterday. And yesterday too, I met another girlfriend who just broke up few days back. And, I've also been speaking to friends who're having relationship problems. What's with all of this now? Am I uninformed that it's the break-up season already? C'mon, November is my birthday month. It's not supposed to be shitty, guys.

A friend told me something that struck me hard till today,
"I wish for a new relationship, except I want it with the same guy."

Think about it. True enough for you? Because it's a yes for me. That is actually what most people would secretly want. To have a fresh start with someone they were once familiar with; a entirely clean slate. Isn't it just the easiest way out? Instead of spending the time to know someone entirely new, doing everything all over again; the chasing, the wooing, the habits and interests exploration, the similar conversation topics finder etc., people choose to work on the old; something they are already familiar and comfortable with. This is probably why I know of so many couples who got back together.... eventually. Is this what they meant by if it's meant to be, it'll be or... it's just basically how human laziness works?

We humans are flawed and at the same time blessed, with our short-term memory. When we miss someone, we tend to think of the good and never the bad. So with this, it's much easier to forget why we were so upset in the first place or the details that escalated the conflict/break-up. Because of that gray area, people often harbour unnecessary hope and envision a better future once again since they already know of their past mistakes and promise to work on them together. But, really?

Is that a promise we would all realistically adhere to, since the first one wasn't even kept?


Don't get me wrong. I'm definitely not all against the couples who patched up and made things work cause it's truly something admirable. I do believe if people want things bad enough, they'd go extra miles for it. But at the same time, people are also hurt enough, they prefer to stay where they are and live life cautiously.


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