Sunday, January 19, 2014


Started out with no intention to blog and then I got carried away. I was introduced to this movie and.... somehow it spoke a lot to me. This movie skews towards an entirely different direction you wouldn't have expected. 

A Perfect Man as the title goes, is actually, unexpectedly defined by what the men think is perfection: a nice home, beautiful wife, lovely job and also freedom to gallivant. 

It revolves around cheating. How both parties cope with the aftermath of a cheat; the cheater and the victim of cheat.

Nina, the wife, plays such a true representation of a female. Or that I saw myself in her. Nina used an unconventional method to find out why the husband, someone she thought she knew for 9 years, did what he did. That entire scene was relatable. I remember how extreme I went from demanding to soft pleading for an explanation, which was never there. 

Males do not wish to speak of the fuck up things they did because they think those casual sex don't mean anything but they do, to us, females.

Sweeping shit under rugs never helps. I didn't feel sorry for the dude at all. It's a price he had to pay. Fair play.

I think the best remedy in situation like this would be..... a really good explanation and apology deliver face to face with sincerity, remorse and packed with honesty. Explanation should never be in pieces but whole.

The endings of the movie is disappointing though. I hate that they left it ambiguous. Though unclear, I clearly know what's gonna happen just from the last few exchange of lines from the couple. 

Wife: I'm moving to NYC. I'm gonna miss Amsterdam.

Husband: I wish I can say the same.

Wife: Why not? There's no reason for you to stay isn't it? 

I was searching for some strength from this movie. Hoping that it wouldn't turn out the way I thought it would be but it was. I am so skeptical right now someone, or the law or something should magically create or make happen a need for some form of guarantee in relationship and marriage. 

Ring and vows are not enough when the same signature on a divorce sheet could turn everything around anyway. 

What's the point. Nothing's definite. I don't wanna get married. I'm scared. But then again, I don't wanna grow grey alone. I'm scared of that too.
In all honesty, I wanna fall in love again. I wanna feel that flush on my cheeks, I want the red to creep behind my ears when I shy, I wanna feel those dormant butterflies stirring up in my stomach, I wanna see my face light up together with my phone when his name appears on the screen, I wanna doodle his name on notepad, I wanna practice saying his last name with my first, I wanna gush about him to my girlfriends, I wanna swoooooonnnnnn....................

I wanna feel light-headed for someone again. Sigh, I'm such a girl. 

Whoever you're, appear soon. I won't settle while I wait for you, I try.


  1. Hello Irina! Even without I still come to your blog everyday hoping to see a new post because that's how much I like you and your blog :) even if there are no new posts, I still enjoy reading through some of your old posts too. This is not to pressurise you to blog alright? I saw you having so much fun with your friends on IG and I'm glad, hehe. I wish I can meet up with some old friends too. But anyways, just wanna drop by and say hi and forgive me for commenting as anon although I do have a blogger account, because I'm shy. Have a great weekend!

    1. Hello dear!!!!

      Oh whyyyyyy, aren't you sweet :') I now blog at Dayre occasionally. I don't wanna disclose it out on my blog cause it's a really personal platform there but I trust that you're mature enough to breakdown the content I've written there :-)

      No worries about the anonymity. I'm cool with whatever that's comfortable for you. Thank you so much for being so thoughtful to drop by. I wish you a great weekend ahead too <3