Saturday, January 25, 2014



Super excited when I got my U'NME parcel personally from the client today. I chose these two babies (below) from the website few days back and I got to say: U'ME is very very efficient! They're super prompt with email replies. With that good working attitude, I'm sure their customer service is definitely of a standard!

Here's the good news: They're gonna give away 2 Gift Sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(each consists of 1 x Bernie Skater Skirt + Mystery Gift)

All you have to is to like their FACEBOOK page & join their mailing list on their WEBSITE
U'NME will be choosing a winner on the 30th of Jan 2014! (never try never know)

I don't know about you guys but I am so sooooooo in luuuuuuvvvvv with the pineapple bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a knitted one on ASOS waaaaaay waaay back and I was sad when it's sold out. But guess what?! This is even wayyyy better cause it's waterproof! I'm totally over ASOS' pineapple bag cause U'NME's is much bettttttter (yesssssssss~) I'll be carrying it with me whenever I can from now on heh heh heh. Besides what I chose, there are a few other stuff that caught my eyes on the website!! Maybe you'll like them too. Go check it out!

For more  P E R K S :

1) Join their mailing list for a shopping discount code! (woooooooo~)
2) Quote 'IRINA14' for $2 off all purchases + Free shipping!!! (holy molyyyyyy)
3) Make your purchases by 29th Jan to receive a personal letterbox delivery!!!



  1. hi irina! I'm curious how you keep your underarm so clean and white! May i know what shaver u used and any protection too? :)

    1. I did IPL before and I think that helped hella lot!!! I did at beyond beauty. They've this advanced tech called EPL similar to IPL but better!!! Three sessions and the result is significant! As for shaver, I use Schick!