Friday, April 18, 2014


Warning: Movie contains a lot of explicit scenes.
Not advisable if you're visually and mentally uncomfortable with such content.

Blue is The Warmest Color is so raw, organic, personal and fresh.
Some would see this as a crude lesbian sex film but if you've more depth, you'd see this beyond just that.

Not only I am a naturally curious being, I see myself as bi-curious too. And this movie sorta puts a lot of things into perspective for me. It is of course, very much possible to love a girl or any gender if you see humans as individuals instead of male and female. Though loving a man is entirely different, loving a woman goes on a totally different level. Not that I know but I believe they both offer different kind of experience, bond, security, emotional support and love. 

Surprisingly, I didn't cry. I'm usually quite a baby when it comes to movie like this. Many reviewed it to be triggering certain emotional wires but I didn't feel as much as I thought I would. I might just be almost emotionally crippled by now. 

It's comforting to learn through this movie that it's perfectly okay and possible to always have a weak spot for someone who you no longer see in that romantic way anymore. It's also alright to always have some sort of attachment towards someone in a neither platonic or romantic way. It's just an unexplainable state of neither here nor there.

I admire the character Emma. I had been there. I had loved someone with all. And like Emma, I was betrayed. At the same time, I could also relate to the character Adele. Being so madly in love for the very first time and terrified of being not good enough for the partner. The self-inflicting stress to match up and have your partner feel proud of you was never easy to eliminate. The more you loved, the bigger the fear became and that wasn't a good combination to begin with.

For those who've loved before, you'd understand: 
When you first loved, you were so eager. You were so eager to give though you had no idea how things might pan out, how to behave and how not to in the presence of another. You loved the other as if you were an avalanche. So intense, so overwhelming, so forthcoming, so messy. I think despite the fear, we should all love as if it's our very first. 

I will always love movie like this; reminding me I've once experienced and known love. Even if I can't feel it anymore, it was real and it happened not too long ago.

Love has no gender. Take whoever loves you.
Whatever makes you happy. Who cares? 
True love. Even if we have to die tomorrow, who cares?


  1. loved this movie so damm much! looking at all these gifs made my heart flutter again (and heartbroken too).

    love love adele

    Vernice | |

    1. I prefer Emma so much more. Lea is such a babe, man! Have a great week ahead, dear!!! Let go of negative vibes!

  2. Hi Irina! I have been reading this space for quite some time. Sometimes I feel like I can relate to you or I know you yet I don't. Love those quotes and things you write. May I know where do you watch these kind of films at (site) ?

    Thanks in adv. have a great day ahead :)


  3. What I took away from the film, was seeing things from the point of the cheater (Adele). Did she cheat because she didn't love Emma? Nope. It was totally opposite. No doubt that Adele loves Emma. She cheated because she felt inferior and she didn't know how to deal with it (with Emma being so busy). So she dealt with it the worst way possible; she sought comfort in another. Which led to their break up. So whose fault is it anyways? I don't know man, this film made me question my own thinking.. the break up scene? Cannot tank man, felt like I was peeking at an couple breaking up. So real and raw.

    1. I understood your pov because I considered it before. Still I don't think it's agreeable to succumb to such act for validation. Though yes I made me feel slightly better on the inside to know that, fuck is fuck. Love is love. Nonetheless, it's unforgivable. And I admire Emma for not giving in to bullshit and not cut loose. I want that fire Emma has. She knows her worth and what she deserves.

  4. I hope one day someone will love you the same way you love them.

  5. Hi Irina, I'm going on a road trip (with 10-12 hours to spare) and would like to ask you for approx. 5-6 movies (your favourites maybe?) to watch. Thank you in advance :)

    1. I don't know what you like so I provided a mixture of everything haha

      1. Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind (sci-fi/romance/indie)
      2. Extremely Loud Incredibly Close (fiction/adventure/indie)
      3. Schindler's List (history/drama)
      4. Any Day Now (homosexual/drama/indie)
      5. Cafe de flore (mind-fucking/french)
      6. Last Night (romance/drama)

  6. I really love reading your blog posts because it actually assure me things that i'm insecure about. I will continue reading all the posts and i hope you'll not stop updating about your life and thoughts. Chin up and be happy everyday! (: