Sunday, April 27, 2014


The time shows 2:32AM now and I've pieced this playlist together. I wouldn't say I did in a rush though it could sound so. But it's more like.... I just happened to pick whatever I wanted even if they don't sound right together. The songs, they don't seem to flow but I just had to get it out of my system because that's how I feel right now; so unclear and inconsistent. Like the noise in my head, it needs to be heard. Like what John Green said, like feelings, they demand to be felt. The way it is; raw and disturbed. Even if this mix is not your taste, thank you for listening. For staying in my world for as long as 12 songs.

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  1. “She’s the kind of girl a guy meets when he’s too young, and he fucks up because there’s too much living to do. But later he realizes she’s perfect.”
    miss you