Monday, May 05, 2014


Prior to the post I wrote the night before: An Open Letter To My Ex's Potential New Girlfriend(s), I received a comment I would call nasty, considering how nice I was previously. I was sincere and it's funny how thing took a totally different turn. I didn't see it coming, so did everyone else. Here's a screenshot of the comment:

I, wasn't expecting a reply. I wasn't expecting a reply within 24 hours. I wasn't expecting a rude reply within 24 hours. I played nice and I thought, maybe sometimes it doesn't pay to be nice y'know. In case your sense of oblivion blinds your judgment, my friends and I concluded her as a total passive-aggressive-antagonistic-yet-subtle bitch. I'm mean? I'm harsh? *smirks*

Guess what? The best part of all:


Yeah guys, she's fake. It took me pretty long to find out but I did anyway. My friends gave me the courage to drop J a phone call and I did (thought I took forever to get to it). He told me he's absolutely no idea who this little prick is cause he's single as hell.

I must say, she's good though. He or she, I don't care. Let's assume it's a she. And yeah, she's good. My friends and I were convinced by her message and I was briefly affected. It's just the moments of silence you need to tell recondition your mind to tell yourself that it's okay, it's okay that your ex moved on. Moving on is fine, but moving on with someone like this naaaaa-ah. Not cool. I really didn't want J to end up with someone so condescending. 

I'm so done with her. It's a waste to spend my entire yesterday battling with all sorts of unwanted emotions before getting to the bottom of this. She probably wanted me to feel and react that way and I did. I wouldn't mind being transparent about my feelings, I have been since day 1 anyway. I drafted an angrier version of this entry last night and corrected every parts of it this morning. 

I'm so over it, so ready to move on with my life. Can't give two fucks to a no-lifer who sat in front of her computer to pen such a long reply to a post that wasn't meant for her. I've learnt since young that I can't never earn the comprehension to every being in this world and this is surely some high level shit, considering if I did chicken out and decide not to give J a call, I would have wallowed in this totally unnecessary mess and sadness for NAUGHT. 

Here's one for you, delusional piece of shit.
Good riddance.


  1. Irina, please don't be affected by sucha no-lifer! Seriously what is wrong with people these days? I just wanna tell you I've been reading your blog since last year and it's my go-to blog when I need a little perk me up because whatever you say really makes sense. You're really deep, nice and all. You're the most genuine person I know virtually hahaha sounds so stalkerish!

    Anyway, I think you are a brave girl and it's not easy moving on from a relationship you've put so much into. You loved and you lost but hey, it made you a stronger person now! I hope you find someone deserving of you and vice versa! It's inevitable that you still feel sad but you've got such great friends around you! If you ever need someone to talk to, you can talk to them or talk to us via your blog! We will definitely support you!

    To that anonymous piece of fuck, it's sad how you prolly have no friends and have to resort to such underhand means to hurt someone as sweet as Irina! Also, good god the grammar you have! It's ace! Brush up on your english before you try hatin'! Stop being a keyboard warrior and grow the fuck up! Jeez seriously, go get a life!

  2. have you ever thought that it might be him lying to you instead?

    1. Good god, as harmless as your comment might be, it is harmful! Why do you have to inject such thoughts into Irina's head? Even if he's lying, what business is it of yours? The main point is, Irina believes whatever he said and that's good enough for her. Why do you have to dissect every little thing and overanalyse? It is good to trust people and if you have trust issues, I think you should start trusting again.

      I'm sorry if I come across as harsh but I just think we have no rights whatsoever to inject toxic shit into Irina's mind!

  3. Seems like u need to call J to clarify the fake he/she makes it like u still bitter abt the breakup or makes u cant accept if really there is a girl in J's life.

  4. hi irina, just wanna say that i enjoy your blog a lot and every dose of your genuineness. it is not easy to bare your raw thoughts out to people, and that is why most bloggers' blog has gotten so much more superficial because you require incredible talent to craft your thoughts out accurately such that people, especially judgy readers who hide behind the fae of namelessness, wont misunderstand you. just wanna let you know that, for every pesky reader you encounter, theres always supportive readers who read your posts and come to know and build a liking for you. i hope this encounter wont make you shy away from blogging about the random thoughts in your head. have a good day xx

  5. Hi Irina, I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now and i find that your posts about your journey to healing is really relatable. It has been almost 2 years since my ex and i broke up and he moved on pretty quickly, like as if our 4 year relationship was nothing at all. He didn't cheat on me like how your ex did to you so i can't say that i can totally feel you on this part but we broke up because of a third party. I wouldn't say im completely over, because i do still have my bad days when i wallow in self-pity but i know that im healing, too. I totally know what you mean when you mentioned that you don't want to know anything about him after the break up, because i decided to cut off all connections with my ex too (though till today i still don't know if i have made the right decision.) It pains me to be writing about it again but i just want you to know that you're definitely stronger than i am and your posts make me feel like i have someone to relate to. Thank you for putting my thoughts into words, because i know i can never write this well. Keep on writing x

  6. Hey!
    I'm glad you've straightened it all out.
    Also, I hope you're heartened to know that you have many readers who care about you (even though we don't always comment) and only surface when you experience trauma such as this.
    The higher you climb, the more people wanna tear you down, so hang in there girl and stay sharp!
    p.s don't rip me apart whenever i see you next (haha you're intimidating!)

  7. I was surprised to read this post because your situation is so similar to mine. Except that woman decided to email me with a fake email of hers. Not once not twice but four times, so i kind of can relate to how you felt. And yes, you are right its not worth it to give a damn to this kind of no-lifer who only dare to hide behind their computer and type out long-ass email just to bring you down. It's good that you decided to show it to your ex to clear things out and avoid further unnecessary confusions. Such people craves for attentions and must have felt really insecure and in fact rather pathetic for she has to resort to this method. Anyway, live life for yourself and only people that matters! Toodles =)