Sunday, October 25, 2015


Do you guys shop at Pomelo? No, wait, have you heard of POMELO???? Well, not sure if you noticed, but I mentioned them briefly last year on my birthday post here. Just last month, they announced a major web uplift and the result is major gorgeous. Tbh, I couldn't be any prouder!!

I know that the entire team consists of very very dedicated and hardworking people. The last time I was in their office, the graphic designers were busy editing every single photos. Here's the thing, I'm not referring to lighting or contrast but it's more than that!!! They were editing the skin tone, contouring the legs, giving them a bronze glow. Like... dayummmmm, every model would feel so blessed and safe to work for a company like that! The photos no doubt turned out great!

Personally, I love shopping there. When Pomelo first spoke to me, they sounded like they wanted to take over my wardrobe and I think they've kinda achieve that now... haha. Cass, whom I liaise with for the selection of clothes, has a real great taste in clothes and she is the one of those picking out stuff for the collections - so girls, you're in safe hands.

I've always loved the stylist's recommendation on Asos' page. It's my go-to page for all the new and cool stuff I should look out for. Since there can be so many things on a web store, it'd nice to have someone streamlines the nice stuff for you before you look through it right? *wink* So, I thought I should just sum up the pieces I love from Pomelo here. Some might already be out of stock, but hey if you're interested in it, feedback to them... maybe they'll bring back a few for you!


And what I like best is their... 365 DAYS RETURN POLICY! Nuff' said.

Happy shopping hehe!

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