Wednesday, October 07, 2015


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Hey guys! So after the last entry on my journey to skin betterment (here), what's next? What's the next step, after eliminating those nasty blemishes, in achieving nicer looking skin? Well, Caring Skin not only helps tackle problematic skin but further enhances our skin to its full potential. In the weeks where I was faced with school tests and stress levels were at an all time high, it didn't help that my hectic schedule forced me to slack off my skincare routine (yikes!). As a result of my laziness, my skin suffered and I felt like it no longer channeled any sort of glow like it used to. Tbh, all the traveling and hopping from one time zone to another didn't do my skin any favours either... (ugh, highlighter can only do so much!).

Long story short, I tried a new treatment at Caring Skin called "the MatriCol Refiner".

Left side of my face: After treatment
Right side of my face: Before treatment

Basically, the goal of this treatment is the renewal of your skin through the use of a specific duo of active ingredients that optimise tolerance and efficacy. Using an acid carefully selected by the staff at Caring Skin, even the most sensitive skin (mine!) can, after undergoing this treatment, become brighter and more radiant. Psssst.... one of the best collagens used in the field of aesthetics will also be applied before the end of the treatment to slow down the premature ageing and tightening of  the skin - NO WONDER THE RESULTS WERE OBVIOUS.

Being explained to during the session on how this treatment works
Some of you might be puzzled by the color of my right cheek. Do not mistake its the rosiness as a result of applied force. In fact, it's a sign of blood circulation which means the treatment works!

Disclaimer: However, this might also be due to the sensitivity of my skin. My cheeks do get flushed easily and yours might react differently. Don't worry, though; even if a pinkness doesn't surface, your blood will be circulating better after. 

For a slightly more HD photo taken by the staff
Left: before entire treatment
Right: after entire treatment

I was quite shocked upon seeing this photo. While its rosiness isn't captured on flash, and disregarding the extremely flattering angle, the texture of my skin looks a lot more refined and smooth!!!! Pores appear to look slightly smaller and everyone wants a skin with smaller pores - don't you dare deny it hehe.


In all honesty, ever since I've met Caring Skin, I have always felt safe stepping into an aesthetic centre or facial room and grateful stepping out, because I know I'm in good hands. At the same time, it is both very comforting and unreal to me, how I can take post-facial selfies now because my skin has never looked better (then again, my skin fluctuates so fingers-crossed).

So, why not share this goodness with your friends! Aside from the fact they've twin rooms for you and your friend to do facials together, they are also currently running a promotion for STUDENTS!!!! Caring Skin understands how we as students are constantly locked in battle with problematic skin and that these are our crucial formative years that lay the foundation for years to come. Hence, after taking both the above thoughts and your feedback regarding the costliness of treatments into consideration, here is a really good deal that's been specially planned for YOU!!! 

Important things to note for this Students’ Promotion

1. Students will have to flash their student pass/card to experience this absolute goodness
2. The promotion is actually applicable only to first-time customers. However, I've spoken to Caring Skin and they've decided to make an exception for you guys, my readers!!!!! Just quote "IRINATAN" when signing up to enjoy this benefit
3. Valid during off peak hours only (Mondays to Fridays; 11am to 5pm)
4. 50% discount is applicable for any customized facial treatments worth $140 and above
5. Valid till 30 Nov 2015
6. Don't worry, there will be NO hardselling :-)

Feel free to email me regarding your session, if you like!
Hope you like them as much as I do.

P/S their massage is amazing esp. by Hui Qing *wink*


  1. Hi Irina, I've read your posts about Caring Skin and I thought their service was really good as they seem to really care for their customers from your experience. But I have to say, I was really disappointed when I went for it myself. At first, I had my skin consultation and on top of the promotion price they had, the staff told me I had to add a hydrating booster and another booster that I can't remember. In the end, the price of that one time facial chalked up to a total of $316 ($140 for the facial and $88 each for the boosters). Even though she did let me know the price of the additional booster before the actual treatment, I thought ok since she said I needed it then I'll let her add it. But honestly I felt no difference before and after. As a student and the first time going for a facial, I didn't have enough courage to reject her for the additional boosters on top of the facial. I was only 18 and new to this. I went there thinking I'll only spend $140 but I ended up having to pay more than double the price. And that was not all. I saw that you mention that they would not hard sell any packages or whatnots and felt comforted by that fact as I didn't like it when people hard sell me anything as I find it hard to reject them. But right after the treatment, I was brought back to the skin analysis room and she told me about the package for $1680 plus at half the usual price. She told me that I would require several sessions to see any effects - of which I think it's true because obviously one session won't make a huge difference. But I told her that I wanted to go back and think about it as its a hefty sum and I am only a student. But she said this to me: "This is a one time thing, if you come back next time to sign the package, I can only give you 75% off instead of 50%." At that point, I was already uncomfortable because I went there thinking that I won't face such a situation. In the end, I told her I don't have enough to pay upfront, thinking that it'll be a softer way of rejecting her. But instead, she asked me for the maximum amount I can pay first, any amount will do, even $100 will be fine. So I ended up spending a total of $550 there, which $316 was for my facial and the rest as a deposit for my package. But I never went back because of how uncomfortable they made me feel. I still have the remaining value there which they've told me I can top up to $280 for one more session. And furthermore, they did not tell me beforehand that my amount will expire in 6 months. So by now, my remaining $234 has gone down the drain, with me not being able to get it back nor spend it. After that encounter, I was afraid to go for any facials and also did not want to go back to the place where they actually attempted to hardsell a non working STUDENT to sign a package of more than $1680 and made her pay whatever amount she can just for a deposit. I've never felt so pressurised in my life and for me, a student who blew her $550 just because of a blog post, I feel like I need to write my opinion as well to let you know what my experience as a non sponsored customer is like. And I would like to add, they did not text me and ask how my skin was like after my facial and a blackout actually happened halfway through my facial there, neither was I given any massages like I was expecting to have. I was just overall extremely disappointed to face such a situation when what I read here was the total opposite of what I experienced there.

    1. Hey Val!! I'm gonna bounce this back to them. So it'd be great if you can drop me an email, so that Caring Skin can get in touch with you. I'm sorry your experience was not a positive one.

    2. Also, can I get the name of your beautician? Hmm, this is RLY out of the ordinary!!! I hope you're feeling better :-(

  2. Hi Val! This is Joyce Tan, Customer Relationship Executive from Caring Skin. We sincerely apologies for the unpleasant experience you had. We hope you could get in touch with us at 9656 1334 to help us understand more about the situation.

    Once again, we apologies for the inconvenience caused. We will try our best to serve you better in future should there be an opportunity. Look forward to your reply.