Friday, October 12, 2012


October is gonna be interesting!!!
I've always been in love with October, November and December
cause the line-up of of events are exceptionally exciting.

October - My mom's birthday, and not forgetting Halloween (my fave time of the year!!!!)
November - Getting iPhone 5, Bestfriend's 19th and yes, my 21st (HEHE!!!!)
December - Christmas (yay, presents!!!) and lastly, New Year's Eve

I really can't wait to welcome all these amazing events, let loose and have some awesome fun!
This year seems to fly by real fast. And, the thing they say about world ending sounds funny now cause it doesn't seem like it's gonna happen at all. If it doesn't, it's gonna be quite embarrassing for those who blew up the matter since they were so confident about it.

But, who knows right? We'll see.

Despite all the exciting upcoming events, I hate to announce that my boyfriend will be serving the National Service starting from 1 November. So basically, he's gonna miss Halloween as well as my birthday. I am not gonna make this sound miserable than it already is, cause we both have been planning for Halloween and now we're just sad kiddos.

Well, it's okay! We have next year, and next next year, and next next next year... :-)
No worries, and Christmas will be supeeeeer fun since it's gonna our first Christmas tgt!!!!!

I love you so much, Jeremy.
And I am real proud that you're serious about your work.

Okay, event updates (such sudden transition, I know right):

1. Mom's Birthday

Initial plan: Order flowers online to be delivered to mom's workplace + family dinner

The night before, she told me she took a day off and decided to head down to Malaysia in the morning and would only be back in evening. So, instead of sending the flowers to her workplace and have the card signed off with "Secret Admirer", it was delivered home and signed off with my name.

How weird would it be if the flowers were delivered to home and signed off by 'Secret Admirer'?!?!
My mom would freakkkk!! "This secret admirer is a stalker!" and be real paranoid. Hahaha.
Nonetheless, she was really happy to receive the flowers cause she said she didn't receive any from suitors this year. It's okay momma, you still have me hehe.

Then, I brought my family out for dinner! Nothing fancy, just somewhere nearby for the 7 of us.
Had Chinese food to accommodate my granny's taste preference.

This is actually the first time I did something so huge (in my opinion) for my mom.
Flowers + dinner. Usually it's just like any other normal day except I'd drop her a text, or maybe prepare a card, or maybe give her a hug or a kiss, get her a cake and probably that's all.

I had never forked out money to do anything more than my comfort zone.
This year, I realized it's no longer about money. We can always earn them back.
And since, I'm getting $$$ from my internship now, it's only right to treat my mom right.
The money I spent on this birthday is nothing to be compared to what she'd spent in 20 years.

Why be calculative. So yeah.

I feel so grown up.

2. Adler Hostel

Went to Adler Hostel to chill. It's a really nice and chill place.
I strongly recommend Adler Hostel if you've friends from overseas who's looking for a place.
I've been to hostels before. In Korea, I stayed in hostel too.
And Adler's, is really different. 

So y'all can go check it out when y'all are free!!! :-)

Have you seen my ad for Adler Hostel?

Please note this not advertorial etc for Adler Hostel.
And, I'm not doing this because he's my friend or because I'm the cover girl
but because even I myself, would love to stay there too!!!
No kid. That's why I'm sharing this.

Sat there for half of Saturday, mad focus on the Monthly Log that I've to complete
for my lecturer to keep track of my internship progress.
While my boyfriend waited (patiently?) for me.

And then Sham came over to seek help for her school assignment
and turned the little space into a party place! Haha.

We had to film a party scene, so why not just make use
of the deco and take more photos instead of just filming? Keke.

Okay, that's all.
Hope your week's been better and waaaaaay exciting than mine!


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