Sunday, October 14, 2012

Tu Me Manques

I woke up at Huisze's house today, missing my boyfriend.
Slightly, would be a lie.

As much as I look forward to Halloween, it sucks that October is gonna come to an end.
Which means, my boyfriend would have to be in the army for about 2 weeks plus.

Started planning my 21st birthday with my girls ytd, and it hit me that my boyfriend won't be there.
It sucks, but I just have to deal with it. 

Went to Adler Hostel yesterday to fool around again, as we plan for the birthday.
Cannot stress how comfortable the comforter is.
At the hostel I lived in, it's not even a comforter, it's just blanket/cloth?
Haha, yeah. Guests over at Adler's are so lucky.


And then, we went for Korean BBQ near Adler Hostel.
It's reallllly really good. It reminds me of what I had in Korea
and makes me wanna go back to Korea.

Tempting huh? Haha.

Okay, I should get going and get started with my work. 

Tomorrow's Monday. Geez.

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