Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am no frequent complainer who is so free to write in complaint letters to company just to complain about tiny weeny shit. If it's bearable, I'll let it go. The only time I've complained besides for Shunji Matsuo, was the case where I got chided by a taxi driver and that got me real mad.

Other than that, I always try to brush it off. Because as much as I want them to improve their services, I don't want to blow up the matter as well. However, on the thought of letting the matter slip, you'd think about how in future there might be repetition of such cases just because the organization/company is not aware of the issue and can't rectify it.

So, in Shunji Matsuo's case, I was very determined to submit the complaint letter which in return, I didn't even get a reply. Bravo efficiency. Honestly, it's really really rude to not reply your consumer. If you don't want feedback from your consumers, don't put up a feedback box yeah. It's ironic, misleading and redundant.

Below is the letter crafted with the help of Shamo :-)
She always knows how to put my thoughts together when I'm all flustered and shit.

I wish to express my dissatisfaction with the results and service rendered at your 313 outlet on 16 October 2012. Being a first-timer, I walked in after seven and I chose the following package: Cut + Digital Perm + Sherya Treatment + Additional Treatment (which is supposed to be beneficial). The total cost = $433 (inclusive GST) 
 I had trusted my hair in the capabilities of your stylist under these empty promises:
  1. My hairdo to resemble that of the picture I had shown
  2. Improved quality of hair; softer and smoother
On the contrary, it is now much dryer than before, stiff looking, and unhealthy despite all the treatments. Having been assured and not notified of the possible discrepancies of the effects of your services and products, I am rather peeved and displeased by the false representation of outcomes. Your website seems to be the start point of your false advertising which was then followed by the services rendered at the outlet; 
  “The salon also offers a wide variety of Head Spa treatments, each with unique properties designed to sooth and treat individual scalp conditions so that customers not only leave the salon looking great, but also relaxed and rejuvenated with healthier hair. 
 Moreover, the changes that were made were barely minimal and counter productive which is disputed to the amount of money I had paid, $433; an amount that many would say was obscene on such an ineffectual and deficient service. 
 I was disgruntled by the time that it took for the entire process. I was only done at 0015hrs, which would mean that I had spent 4 hours and 30 minutes for a completely dissatisfactory service. Had I been preempted about the duration, I would not have minded. However, empty promises and false assertions seem to be a repetitive characteristic in your branding for I was assured that everything would be done slightly after 2200hrs, which is not the case. 
 It is honestly disappointing to have encountered such displeasing experience, which is in such stark contrast to the rave reviews (Tigerlily’s and some other blogs) that had been my incentive to patronize Shunji Matsuo. All of this depicts a clear picture of distorted representation of your branding for their visits by these bloggers or media personalities were exceptional for it was a loaded incentive while I seem to feel insignificant like just another customer. 
 Despite my obvious dissatisfaction with the results of my hair, there was nothing wrong with the service of my hairstylist, Nich. In fact, she even offered me hot Milo because she knew I had not had my dinner. Her customer service ethics may have well been the only redeeming quality of my overall Shunji Matsuo experience. 

Guys, I feel stupid for spending such absurd amount for my hair. Don't even asked how I even succumbed to it at first. I have absolutely no idea.

Ok, but whatever. Life, I gotta move on.


  1. Its hard to find an unbiased review out of the many bloggers out there... so yours is one of the honest few! A little surprised about Shunji Matsuo since reviews are not bad here:
    is it just the stylist i wonder?

    1. Well, I wouldn't want to blame it on the stylist cause she's nice.

      I guess it's the brand as a whole that upsets me as well. From the website, to a lot of other things.
      I can't blame the staff cause Shunji Matsuo should take pride in training their staff.
      So I don't push blames to individuals.

      Basically, the place now equates to deceit to me.

      As for the bloggers, they might have really enjoyed it for they probably've gotten better service? I don't know. I don't really care right now, cause they didn't even bother getting back to me. And I'm gonna stick to my previous salon: Salon Vim and NEVER EVER CHANGE AGAIN.

  2. Hey Irina - Nice Blog!

    Salon Vim are awesome - I get my hair cut there too by Gary ;)

    Please can you help them out and post a quick review of Salon Vim (or the stylist) at It's a new website just launched last week in Singapore that helps people find the best salons (and stylists) for their hair profile. Salon Vim are No.1 at the moment cause there soooooo good!!

    Keep blogging the truth, it's refreshing!



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    1. Hey Gabrielle,

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  5. Thank you so much for this information. I was thinking whether i would go to shinjuo or salon vim and this helps a lot.

    1. Why isn't essensuals bugis in your consideration?

  6. You are right, because there are so many sponsored bloggers assisting their publicity, biased treatments and standards are given to those who aren't bloggers. I have received bad attitude from poor service from 313, male hairdressers..