Monday, January 07, 2013

How We Met & Progress - IV


You have that thing in you that makes me wanna love you all day long. It's your rant that I want to listen to, it's your temper that I want to deal with, and also your occasionally cute moments which are all very rewarding to me. I want no one else's. I love how you don't act your size/age but rather like a small girl when you're with me, and that makes me want to take care of you even more

Often as we speak, I could see a future with you and the possible life ahead of us. I don't think this is common for guys cause they would want to escape from commitments and responsibilities but you make me want to work hard for us, to have a better life and future for us. Looking into those eyes of yours, never fails to remind me how much I want this, just so I could wake up to them every single morning. The thought of having our very own lovely and cosy room and to live together with you is just so exciting and I honestly cannot wait for that day to come. All I ever want from you, is to spend endless time with you.

The way you confront me with those brutal, harsh and thought-provoking comments just to challenge my thinking... I admire that side of you. How did I even get this girl? I'm hella lucky bastard. Irina, you've no idea what a good girl you are. Everything about you makes me want to bring you home to introduce you to my parents. I'm really proud to have a girl like you.

If you haven't noticed, this can be a little cheesy but I do think that I have unconditional love for you. I will withstand whatever you throw at me (don't worry this is not literal, Irina is not violent), be it when you're grumpy, moody, upset etc, I'll stand by you because I love you. Hence I chose you.


You, Jeremy, are a very special being on your own. I would not like to compare you with anyone else if I could. I would also like to elope with you and stay in our very own planet if we could.

You, have this thing over me that I cannot turn away from. No matter how many times I try to get away or to move away from you, it wouldn't work. I tried resisting you, but I wouldn't succeed for long simply because I always want you to acknowledge me and the things I do, and to be part of everything I do. This probably explains why I always fail in cold war.

Something you're not aware of: You have a big heart, my boy.
Though it may not be comparable to Mother Theresa's, at least that heart has a place for me. The way you care, amazingly doesn’t make me feel bad or guilty. In fact, you make me strive to be a better lover for you. The only thing that I’m guilty about is probably the constant grumpy attitude I can't help and the need to exclude myself from everyone, hence pushing and distancing myself away from you, yet you never left.

I love how I could see the endless possibilities in you when I see you do certain things like house chores, playing with kids, caring for me, being a gentlemen, handling situations, I would be like 'Hey, for all I know I might marry this guy'. You never fail to keep me in suspense to what a man you might become one day. Who is this guy you might mature to become? I look forward to loving that man more. The day where our relationship will be legalized and recognized on a paper, the day where our heads will be sheltered under the same roof, the day where we would like new additions to the family and anticipate our very own products of love and so much more... The potential to this relationship is so vast. 

That’s why it has to be you, Jeremy.


  1. You guys are the sweetest couple:)

  2. are you using an iphone 5? or iphone 4s?

    1. what apps do you use to edit your instagram photos then? hehe they're so nice!

    2. I used a combination of apps! Cause one is not enough to achieve what I want haha. So I usually just anyhow play around with brightness and contrast! When I'm free, maybe I'll do a post in it! :-)

    3. please do!! :D