Tuesday, January 29, 2013


What have I been doing?

Let's start with where I left off the other time which is,
Swedish House Mafia - One Last Tour in Singapore
I did too many things and I don't know how to blog about everything.
So lemme just start with this ;-)


I was already so tired after work, and then just raved all night at SHM's. 
But it was awesome. I took some videos, but it's all noisy, grainy and shaky.
You probably can google and find better ones online.

Partying in Singapore can be quite different (and super safe) from other countries cause we've obviously seen how Tomorrowland and other gigs are like with people smoking it up, drinking it up, flashing tits and what-nots. At One Last Tour, there were a lot of foreigners trying to pull those tricks mentioned above, but were obviously stopped by our securities. Pissed, they started to haul vulgarities and commented on how boring Singapore is and how much we suck. 

Well, I guess, from what I observed at least, in Indonesia, they probably allow cigarettes in club/gigs. The Indonesian guys in front of us lit up their cigarettes so casually as if it's totally okay to smoke in an enclosed air-conditioned place. And there we have, Sweden girls kept trying to flash their tits to SHM. 
I don't even get it. 

To some extent, I feel sad that we are such boring people and that we are narrow-minded to have a totally different party life, but I feel safe here. Safe vs. Boring? Hmm. Actually I don't think we are thaaaaat boring, we have fun in a different way. If you can only have fun by resorting to smoking it up, drinking more than you should, then I see that as stupid. We should be responsible for our and others lives. I mean, after the Zouk incident, and all the other road accidents in Singapore, I just feel we should be more careful. I know, I sound like a typical careful Singaporean now even though I'm not. Oh well haha. Will be moving on to next post! See you there!!!!!!

Edited on 31 Jan @ 11:56AM: 
Oh, not forgetting I found this sweet note few weeks after SHM.
Hehe, my qtpie too cute.

Btw, I need to get my phone's camera fixed. There's always this weird purple spot on every picture.
And I can't find the stain on the lens, so it's probably internal. Okay, k bye!!!!


  1. hi irina! what photography apps do you use to edit your pictures on instagram? it will be really nice if you could share! Thanks :-)

    1. Hello!!! Been wanting to do a post! Will do up one when I'm free ;-)