Wednesday, January 02, 2013


So, my office took break from 22 Dec 2012 to 1 Jan 2013. How I wish today (2 Jan) is included in the break as well, unfortunately not yeah. The office is so empty, a lot of people are still away and I'm kinda envious...

Anyway, here's an update to what I did over the long break!
Hope you've had an equally good time or even better than me!!!

1. Impromptu Bowling Session
(missing Shamomo here though)

Had a good time bowling with Jeremy, Hoho and Hoho's sister, 
though my shockingly good luck only lasted for approx 5 shots haha.

Jeremy, the one who claimed had no idea how to bowl, did exceptionally well.
Hoho as usual is always better than me. Hoho's sister is great as well.
Me, loser but I'm cool that way.

Then, I acted like a child wanted to go playground and all.
Hoho would definitely be a sport and join me.
Jeremy had no choice but to go with it hehehehe.
Hoho's sister proceeded to NTUC to get us the baking ingredients 
because we thought of baking at Hoho's later on.

So obvious Jerm didn't wanna tag, but you've no choice!!! 
(I'm such a demanding gf, sigh haha)

We looked like kids going on excursion, didn't we?

This is really fun. The poor kids had to work hard to spin us.
But we returned them the spin they deserved later on.

This was when I fell of that spinning thing when Hoho tried spinning me real fast.


And then, with limbs filled with sand, we went over to Hoho's to bake.
Here's my duckling chocolate chip cookie.
Quite creative huh hahahaha.

And then, before the cookies were even ready and out of the oven, 
Irina and Jeremy went home because they were all exhausted from bowling and playground.
They went home and slept like pigs.

2. X-Mas Eve

Yes, so blessed to be out with my favourite people on Xmas Eve: Jeremy, Hoho and Shamo.

We decided to have our brunch at Prive before carry on with our plans.
Awesome awesome place, with splendid awesome view.
I've been doing crazy lots of research on places with good brunch and beautiful view,
just cause Jerm told me he loves to have Western breakfast (just like me) ^^

So I've the list as back up plan to cheer or surprise him on a dull dull day.

My pretty girls ♥.♥

After brunch, they gave me such a pleasant surprise.
Jerm came up with the idea of giving me a mini Xmas tree.
So they got together and make it happen for me.
They are the sweetest bunch of people, I swear.

So, I've little cards from them to put on the tree (Hoho made it, oh so cute)
and then I've ornaments from Shamo, and a lot of love from Jerm 
though he wasn't very participative in decorating the tree. 
Maybe it's just not a guy thing. your girlfriend understands okay.

Started from scratch and now is a beautiful mini Xmas tree with lots of love!

From there, we moved on to randomly swimming at one of the pools in Sentosa's beach villa.

Look at how I looked so bullied....

Look at the hearty laugh! What a day!
Shamo, me love you a lot hehe.

We've got an alligator here.

And yeah, I guess that's it to our little adventure that day.
Wanted to go to the Sea Aquarium but the crowd was insane... 
So yeah, hurhur.

3. Cereal Buffet at Hoho's

Interesting huh? Shamo had one over at her place, and Hoho saw it on Instagram,
went like, "Oh!!!! Let's do this too!!!" And there, we have it. Our own cereal buffet.
It was a pretty good day despite being down with menstrual cramps.

Okay, I'm gonna end here now,
.... and move on to the next post hehe.

Actually I really have A LOT in my mind now, I hope I can get it all out today.
Else, those thoughts will just evaporate and yeah...


  1. Cld you share thw recipe sweetie? :D

    1. To the choco chip cookie? Okay I'll ask my friend! She has it. ;-)

  2. where did you get your shades? they're so prettyyyyyyy!!!

  3. Hi Irina! May I know where is the playground located?