Friday, March 29, 2013


#Number 1

Sorry for deactivating my twitter and facebook abruptly causing some of you to think I cleared you guys off my space. No, it's nothing like that. I just need some time for my own. I need to do what I should have done long time ago. I need to stop, and think for myself instead of others.
For once. For now.

#Number 2


For being the amazing reader you are.

AforArcade commented on my Instagram saying some of you managed to get into their marketing team! Amazing guys!!!!!! I'm so proud and happy for you guys!!!! Firstly, I never thought what I said would mean so much and who thought people would pay attention to this little and humble space that's so emotionally-loaded, right haha?

Secondly, I wish those who made it to their marketing team - ALL THE BEST!!! 
Min and Collin are simply amazing couple. It'd be such fun to work with them. They are such a happy bunch. Just hi hi ha ha all the time. It's good to surround yourself with all the positive energy and you'll be happier too, so awesome guys!!!! Hehehe, I'm truly happy for you.

#Number 3

I felt like I got my life back yesterday. I went for a night out with my friends. They are such nice bunch of people. For this period of time, I am so thankful for all the people who have given me strength no matter how small or big it is. Be it the stranger neighbour who smiled at me in the morning, or the uncle who gently nodded his head when I held the lift for him, or friends/acquaintances/strangers who'd dropped me comments and messages, or even the little kid who shyly offered her sweet to me. 

I am so blessed to able to seek strength in people I don't even know.
God bless all of you, beautiful people.

So the night out was indeed amazing. I don't have to specifically said what we did, be it drinking, partying or simply chilling and doing nothing. I had the best night after so so long.

Hold still right before we crash 
Cause we both know how this ends 
Our clock ticks till it breaks your glass 
And I drown in you again 

Cause you are the piece of me  I wish I didn't need 
Chasing relentlessly
Still fight and I don't know why 

If our love is tragedy why are you my remedy 
If our love's insanity why are you my clarity 

By the way, I felt like a star yesterday.
Shine so bright for the first time.

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