Sunday, March 03, 2013


I didn't expect this short film to be such an emotional one.

After watching it, I thought a lot about love, sacrifices, stupidity, limits and life.

So how does one define love? Through sacrifices the other party made or the countable good times? How can one so readily sacrifice without knowing what they are getting in return? Though we have been taught that love is about expecting no returns, if you think of it, isn't that pure stupidity?

If one continues giving without expecting anything, wouldn't that person be at losing end? In this harsh reality world, everyone is so practical and realistic about their own selfish needs these days.

"What will I get out of this? What are the benefits?"

It's just so ugly. To be honest, I have been swayed. I no longer feel I am up to giving more than I should, even to really close friends (which is really sad). Tell me guys, what are the limits? Where is the mark, the mark that identifies the X amount of giving is not stupid but sufficient?
I've so many burning questions which no one can give me the answer for.

... So the robot girl is all about living life and YOLO etc. but the short film always says and asks (from what I interpret) to what extent, can we live life? How much freedom can we have, even though it is OUR life.



  1. Hello, gorgeous lady! I saw you at Orchard, just at the external exit by the Marriott hotel! I wanted to greet you but you just walked past fast enougn and approached an angmoh guy and then shook hand with an angmoh lady. LOL. =)

    1. Hello there!!!!

      Oh the angmoh guy was my colleague. He's bringing his parents around ytd. So it'd be rude to walk away without saying hi.

      Look forward to cross path again in future, you mystery reader! :-) have a nice day!