Monday, March 25, 2013


 Hey guys, sorry for the past emo-nemo entries.

I am feeling pretty alright now. I've been working at a kindergarten as art teacher. It's been only two sessions but I am already in love with these lil' monsters ;-) hehehe. How easy to steal my heart. 

You little sunshine gonna grow to be a darn handsome boy.

Being around the kiddos instantly made me feel so much better. They didn't care how I look or how I carry myself whether with makeup or not, I just have to be myself and be comfortable with them. They say the sweetest and most sincere things ever.

"Teacher so pretty"

Honestly, I wasn't expecting any. I haven't been well and definitely not looking at my best either. Self esteem definitely plunged lately. Having to hear such thing not only elevate my paranoia but also made me feel golden for a bit. Though in reality, I know that statement won't chase my dark circles, eyebags, pimples or whatsoever away haha.

Girl: Teacher, I've a new auntie (maid) at home! I like her to carry me. I don't like my mommy to carry me!

Me: *worried* Why, dear!

Girl: I don't want mommy to waste strength *skips away*

She left me dumbfounded. If her mom were to know this, I bet she'd be so moved. The poor mom probably still thinks that her dearest daughter fancy the maid more than her, which is not the case. Children, they intrigue me so much. I still don't mind having 6 in future, though I know it's gonna be pure madness hahahaha.

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