Monday, May 20, 2013


Finally, it's here.
It's true that they say, when you've reached the limit, you'd know when to stop.
Because you would save the least energy to at least save yourself.
And now, I'm saving myself.

Set free


  1. hi! May I know which websites you used to watch movies? Thanks!

    1. I torrented them cause Im using MacBook! If you aren't, you can funshion them!

  2. hey irina
    my boyfriend told me he want to take a break with our relationship,he said is not my problems but it's his . I don't really know what to do.It's hard not to have hard feelings.But it's gonna be over ?

    btw I really like your blog and wish you all the best x

    1. Hey there, Elaine!
      Here's few things to note:

      1. You've to understand why is there a need for this break. To know it, talk to your boyfriend about it. Even if the problem lies on him, he should be able to share with you.

      2. However, if he's uncomfortable in telling you, then get his assurance that things are gonna be better after the break. Else what's the point of taking a break right?

      3. Draw parameters for this break. What can the both of you do and not? How long is this break gonna be? Can y'all see other people? Are y'all gonna be in touch still? Just address all the doubts in your head.

      Okay, that's all I got. Hope it helps. I know it's hard. I've been there, but you just have to stick it through. Be there for him if he has a true legit problem. Make sure it's not an excuse. Guys.... we can't really trust then 100%. Just be smart yeah, babe.

      Take care!!!

    2. thanks for your advice Irina :)
      It is really helpful.