Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Last Saturday was really good. I love it when I know a day is set to mean something.
I love to dress up and look pretty on weekends and make them count. I love going to places I never been. I love making memories, setting footprints near home before I'm brave enough to venture out.

I thank God for the wonderful Saturday for me to catch up with my friends. I thank God for everything that went smoothly that day. I thank God for all the signs He has given. I thank God for putting these people in my life, allowing me see and understand what He has in store for me. And I pray to be more receiving and brave to accept all that is ahead of me. I believe my heart will heal under His love and everyone's else too. Thank you so much for all the support, be it small or big.

Lovely vintage dress from www.runwaybandits.com
I absolutely adore how cute it is and totally complemented my Saturday :')

Had brunch/tea at Halia restaurant at Botanic Garden. My first time there!
And I really liked it a lot. The ambience was really good. It wasn't crowded.
Everything was just nice, and it felt just right. 

Chilled at this random cafe we found after walking around, because we were looking for ice cream but had rootbeer float instead. It's another amazing go-to place! 
I forgot the cafe name but I'll definitely go again hehe ;-)

Did something totally random, we were talking about how we used to suck nectars out of these ixoras.
And instantly looked at each other and said, LET'S DO IT hahahahahha.
And we did! It was... weird that we liked it so much when we were younger.

Dennis looked nice that day.
Thank you for everything.
You'll survive this outfield, fret not!


  1. Hi Irina. Just wanted to tell you that you are really beautiful :) I love the way you look and the way you portray yourself. I think I'd developed a girl crush on you!! Anyway just a question, how did you maintain white teeth while having your braces? How can you look so good with them too. I can't even!!

    1. Hi dearie! You're so sweet :') I don't think my teeth are as white as before. My orthodontist said it's normal though. I'm removing my braces on 30th July!!! So stay tuned! I'll definitely update y'all, I can already feel my excitement!!!! HEHEHE I'm afraid I'd have brace-stains. If yes (most likely), I hope it won't be that obvious :\ They're just pictures. And pictures are always deceiving ;-) I'm sure you're beautiful in your own ways too, you just don't know it yet. Have a good day!