Sunday, July 07, 2013


It's been awhile since I set foot back on the runway, I was taking a break. I've been doing this for quite a while and a time-out was ideal. Taking on these two jobs Robinsons and SKII wasn't a mistake at all. Each show reminded me how much I missed doing this, why I got myself started in the first place and what it felt to be back in the game. The best part was I've still got my walk hahaha. I was truly afraid, for I haven't been practicing and it might be rusty. Ah uh, to my surprise, not at all /winkwink/ 

1. Robinsons @ JEM

One thing I do not miss though, is the early call time/reporting time.
9AM. All the way at Jurong. The sloth me wished to resist and sleep in haha.

It's so nice to work with nice models.
It just makes your day and work much much more tolerable.

We had a lot of time to spare after makeup, so we started to shop.
It's GSS anyway. Plus, walking around JEM ain't easy because it has so many awesome shops!!! Sephora, Topshop, H&M!! Why is my neighbourhood mall ain't this cool?! Hahaha.
Handsome boy. Sorry girls, he's taken haha.
Not by me, obviously. He's a good friend.
With Rachel after getting our hair done. We had different hair cause we were doing the different segment. She had the quirkier themed segment and the clothes were so nice and colourful!!! My segment was pretty Aubrey Hepburn-inspired and that explains the hair right haha.
The other models

2. SKII @ Changi

The call time for this show was even earlier.... 8AM. 
At first, I was rather apprehensive about the show. I mean, I honestly don't think my skin is up to standard or flawless enough for me to be walking for SKII. Still, I'm really honoured :')

As usual we had a lot of time to kill before the show and we started to play with the photobooth. Yes, Changi Airport has photobooth machines!!! How cool. And after that, you could 'flick' your photo up to this wide-ass screen where it'd be showcased to everyone.

At backstage. The show started pretty early at about 2 plus. 
So we got dressed pretty quickly.
Kylie from Newface 2012.
It's so nice to be working with Newface girls.
It kinda reminded me how terrifying it was when I first started, to be working with experienced models. But, they really handled it well and super proud of them hehe.
A super bad overexposed picture with Viola and Puvanna.
Viola is such a sweetheart, really.

Ah, I'm feeling so happy looking back at all these pictures. I'm so glad I didn't cancel this job just like my other jobs because, this job was really awesome. I haven't felt so ... fulfilled in such a long time and yes, I can't wait for my braces to be removed and then I'll start mapping out what I wanna do. This is gonna be exciting hehehehe!!! 

Have an awesome Sunday ahead!!!


  1. hey! where is this dress from? :)

    1. Sorry which one? The one I wore for the show... or?

  2. yeap to the SKII fashion show! :)

    1. The elegant long white dress I wore for the show is from Lovebonito! :-)

  3. nope. is not the long white dress. the last pic you self-took. that dress with some blue embroidery prints :)

  4. you brought it online Editor's Market or in store? sorry for asking too much qns :\

    1. I bought it from the store! I don't believe their fitting on the model online haha. Don't be silly. Don't be shy if you've anymore questions alright? :-)

  5. how much you brought? which outlet of Editor market you go to? OC or cine :)

    1. $25! Cause I managed to get others to share with me. So with 6 pieces, it's only $25! It's a steal hehe! :-) I saw it at OC, I like it there because it's so much emptier. I've a thing with personal space. I don't like it when the store is too crowded. But, I was told that there are more new arrivals at the Cine store.