Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Was organized my hard disk earlier on and remembered I used to love this movie very much, but kinda forgot what about it and why exactly. So I decided to watch it again. And I fell in love with it all over again. I love how the movie was raw enough and easily relatable to individuals who are or have been in a relationship. A lot of the key insights highlighted were pretty much spot-on. Besides falling for the movie, I realized I've undying love for Keira. Truly so in love with her. How can someone be so good-looking, my goodness!


We girls always do. We would think about the 'what if's and 'could have been's if we were with another or have chosen another guy. It's just something we like to think about to feel appreciated and wanted at that moment of shit. I guess in that case, you can say we mentally cheated. And if that is actually valid, guys would have cheated on females million times just by looking at girls. Oh how mind strays.


Something I never thought I would understand but now I do. It's funny how answers to my doubts are often delivered through movies. One shouldn't blame oneself for partner's fidelity for one can still be tempted even if one's happy. I've learnt that well today. 

Thank you, Last Night.


  1. Hey babe, what books have u read? :)

    1. Hey there! To list all of them? That's kinda alot.... actually. But at the moment, I'm trying to finish timekeeper to start on fault in our stars! :-)