Thursday, July 18, 2013


You're going away for 3 weeks. 

We don't even meet that often, but the thought of you not being close (in Singapore) somewhat scares me.

You were always there for me when I needed someone and I like that about you. I am not sure if I've emphasized this enough or even made it known to you, but no one, no one so far could make me feel safer than you do. The idea of clubbing with you around puts me at ease even if we're not at the same area. I've so much trust and faith in you, I know you'd rush to get me if anything were to happen. At least, that's what I'd like to believe (provided that your phone is not dead haha).

Your temporary departure is making me feel absolutely anxious. You're the closest thing I have, to a guy best friend. You, read me like a book sometimes. You know what upsets me. I am not afraid to say the most embarrassing things to you just so you can smack me back to my senses. You knew I've always dreamt of marrying my guy best friend, which is why your designation as my guy best friend stays pending till we're sure of nobody is good enough to claim the throne haha. 

Despite being so comfortable with you, saying all these to you will definitely still seem odd for the level of cheesiness/corniness/mushiness unexpectedly supercede my expectation. So if you happen to read this, and you know it's meant for you, wipe that smirk off your face and pretend you don't know and give me a text and meet me asap when you're back!!!!!!

I'm gonna miss you so much, buddy.


  1. Wo zhi dao shi shuiiiiiiii

  2. Hi Irina,

    I know this isn't a appropriate post to ask this.

    But what's your view on pre-marital sex?

    1. Hello dear!

      It's okay. Feel free to ask whatever you want to. I'll answer as long as its appropriate.

      As for your question on pre-martial sex, I used to be against it. I was raised conservatively with fairytale beliefs to only give everything to your deserving husband; all of you. But as I grow, I realize the society is not what we picture to be. Life is short and honestly, you don't even know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

      Humans, are getting so ugly on the inside nowadays. We can't even tell who love us for us and who's using us. So, what makes us so sure that our partner will give us everything of his? What if he already had his fair share of fun and we just sillily waited for him to enter our life? Yknow what I mean? Then after all these thoughts, I altered my perceptions on pre-martial sex. I even made it clear to my mom and got her to understand why I won't keep my virginity till marriage for I'm not even sure what future beholds.

      However, I promised her I'll never regret to whom I lose to for it'll be someone I love so much. If that moment feels right, just go for it. But please please don't be blinded, we humans have weak souls, we are easily tempted by lust and succumbed to it. Use that last bit of sanity in you and ask yourself if you'd regret this, if this guy were to walk out on you one day. If you can manage that, I'm sure you're mature enough. Otherwise, don't be hasty. If he loves you right, he wouldn't force it on you.

      Keep it for the one that's worth. Trust me. Being a virgin is like unicorn these days. Embrace it, sweets :-)

  3. Thank you for your reply. It is so inspiring to hear it from you :-)

    I wish you all the best and well in everything you're gonna be in the future!

  4. Hi Irina, I'm a different person from the one asking about your view on pre-marital sex. But after reading your reply to the anonymous, may I ask so how would you know if the person is the right one to give your all? I mean, everything is so hard to say isn't it?

    Also, one more question, what is your take on girls making out with strangers in the club? Will you ever do it?

    Would really love to hear from you. Thank you!

    1. Hello dear!! Well, life is all about taking risks. It's definitely hard to judge what's right or wrong. And I believe even at the age of 50, most would still have difficulty in making decisions because we will never know until we get hurt and that's when we learn.

      So, dearie it's okay to not know if he's the right one because every girl faces that problem but... To give your all including virginity is not something you should do so quickly. If he's the right one, he wouldn't rush you. He'd respect you and your space. Then again, when you're in love, you'd be impulsive and then to rush into things. What I can advise you is that, think about how you'd be when the relationship comes to an end. Will you regret giving your first time to him? Will you be bitter about it? Will you be too emotionally attached? Some girls became very very sad after breakup because they regretted giving their first time away. Think about all the scenarios before jumping into anything. Be prepared to get hurt. Nonetheless, follow your heart. Don't ever regret whatever you've decided to do because always remember, at that point of time, it was all you ever wanted.

      As for kissing/making out with a stranger in club.... I don't have anything against it as long as it's done with discretion/the right reason. Some people just make out and kiss for show. That's not cool at all. If I happen to truly find someone that'd I'm attractive to in the club, the right song comes on, the mood feels right, he holds me close, he leans in, if I feel comfortable enough, why not? I don't have anything against it and I won't judge unless I see that very same girl kissing every different guy in club each week, then that's a problem.

      I know growing up and figuring out things are tough but you'd be fine <3

    2. Omg... Irina I don't know what to say but thank you for replying so patiently and I love reading your long ass (haha) replies/entries. They always make me think so much and changes my perspectives,in a good and bad way. Thank you! Keep blogging! :)

    3. No worries! Always here if you ever need :-)

  5. Have you given yours?

    You don't have to answer it. Cause I just felt you're always so open with us, readers.
    Thank you for always listening to our comments & replying them!

  6. Sex or what people say 'the first time'