Saturday, December 01, 2012

How We Met & Progress - II

Who fell in love first?

Irina: I think I did. I’m such a sucker, and I was in denial for quite long. I didn’t wanna let him know. Why would I let a guy know about my true feelings when I’m not sure of his? What if he’s just fooling around right?
Jeremy: I never had a real relationship before so the idea of being in a relationship somehow scares me. I was at lost and didn’t know what to do with these feelings. It's like a whole new thing to me. I didn’t think I could withstand all the pressure, responsibilities, and commitments. Besides, I didn’t think I was ready, or in her league either. She’s smart, pretty, caring… so yeah.

Irina: Awww.... thank you for being so honest b. Just so you know, you’re doing a real good job right now, so don’t ever feel inadequate yeah. And hey, you’re not answering the question b! Who fell in love first? Do you really think it’s me? If it is, this is so embarrassing hahaha. I’m glad I didn’t confess then!!!
Jeremy: Yeah, it has to be you hahahaha. I’m never in-line with the ‘love’ thing you know. I was cunning, and I liked playing mind games. And, I did... to make you fall for me. But, I know it’s nothing like a game now. We are seriously in love, and we are happy together. 

How long did you guys dated?

Jeremy: For about 2 months? We knew each other for 4 months but it was kinda an one-off dating. Ups and downs were inevitable. Very often I didn’t know if I should carry on, for I never thought I could match up to her and be the man in her eyes.
Irina: The whole 4 months was pretty torturous for me cause I realized it’s kinda one-sided thing and I didn’t know it was just a game to him... No, wait, I sorta know cause I’ve friends reminding me how stupid I was everyday but still… I couldn’t let go and I had no idea why. Usually I’m pretty headstrong, if I turned around, I’ll never look back. But, unknowingly I have a soft spot for this dude.

Jeremy: Yeah, I did quite a few things that were pretty hurtful to her. I felt real sorry till today. Guess my charm and mindgame tricks were pretty solid huh hahaha. It was on-off cause I wasn't sure of my feelings and what I really wanted out of this. Otherwise, we would have progressed so much faster and got together earlier.

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P.S The question regarding distance & where my bf lives, I've gotten that! Will answer it soon! :-)

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