Thursday, December 13, 2012

How We Met & Progress - III

How did you guys get together?

Irina: Oh, ha ha ha. B, why don’t you answer this one.
Jeremy: Ahem… okay it was about 10 months back, on 28 January 2012. We were chilling at Spinelli, Orchard Central. 2011 didn’t end too well for me. So I want to kickstart 2012 in the right way. I wanted a new and fresh start. I want to find a nice girl, commit and settle down. It was totally a different side of me. I mean, why wait when I’ve this amazing girl yeah?
Irina: It was really sudden. I didn’t see it coming either, cause the whole ‘settling down’ thing was never in his dictionary. So I guess the New Year magic must have gotten pretty serious into him haha, but I’m glad it turned out this way.

Jeremy: As I was saying, we were chilling at Spinelli right… So I casually took her phone to fiddle with it. She’s always cool with me meddling with her phone. When she wasn’t looking, I changed my contact name on her mobile phone to “Will You Be My Girlfriend” instead. I put it on the table, near her where she could see. And I called her. She paused and stared at the screen for a while and raised her head to look at me. I smiled and asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Irina: AND I SAID YES! The moment the word shot out my mouth so quickly, I hesitated right after and said, “Are you sure of this? Do you want to give this a second thought? I mean, I’m totally okay with this, but you… please think it through yeah.”
Jeremy: It’s funny that she got flustered. I was very sure of what I wanted. I wanted to have her then. So the ‘yes’ was a really strong affirmation and assurance to me, I was so happy. The little Jeremys in my head were doing a mid-air punch and shouting ‘Yeah man!!!’ hahaha. I know I did good.

Who loves more now?

Jeremy: Obviously it’s me.
Irina: Definitely not true. I don’t need to declare because the answer to this question is way too obvious.
Jeremy: I will always love her no matter. No matter how she gets angry at me, how she wants me to go away, how she shows me attitude. It doesn’t matter. I love her so I won’t go away. I love her more.

Irina: I don’t know how to say/prove that I love you more but I’m sure you definitely can feel the overflowing love I have for you isn’t it? Think about the time where I had to wait 3 hours for you to book out at Pasir Ris, or the times where I had to put up with all the nonsense you unknowingly put me through, or the times where you receive mini surprises from me. All these are love too, sweetie.
Jeremy: I don’t think it can be measured. We each think we love each other more. So that’s the answer.

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