Monday, May 28, 2012


I know I am random. But I really want to do a post on this because I can't wait to get my own apartment. I already have plans, to get a rented apartment and share it with my girls and boyfriend. I don't mind getting my own apartment either, and then I can have my girls stay with me as well. It works both ways, so I am cool with anything. I just want them with me:
both Sham and Huisze and also not forgetting, my boyfriend.

Things I'd love in house:

1. A lot natural lighting
2. Alot of "Whites"
3. House/Rooms with theme

I like it when a house has a lot of windows for the natural light to enter. It makes a huge difference and brighten up the whole house as well. I like it when it is simple; white walls, furnitures, decors items etc. I just like white. All white. That's the minimal me. 

But I have the crazy and cozy me too, where I like tribal-like patterns, bold colours, crazy-looking decors etc. You will see from the pictures below, how different I can be through the selection of photos.

Let's start of with Bedroom:

I don't mind a cat living with me in future. Actually I want one.

How amazing will this be right? 
Cuddling on the bed, watching your favourite with favourite boy.

Next, Bathroom/Toilet:

 Look at my two extreme sides. Hahahaha. 
That's how I work, so extreme. 
No middle ground, else it's considered mediocre to me.

And then, we have the Kitchen!!!
Kitchen is very very important cause ... I'd want to be motivated to cook! Only in a nice environment, I'd be inspired to put in effort. So it's important. Huisze and I will be sharing the kitchen. I hope she likes these pictures that I picked out, cause I love them HEHEHE. 

I like it when the utensils are in white.
It's like simple and neat and clean.
Steel and wood are okay too.
Table tops are important.
Love the pipe!

This picture below is random and does not fall into any of the category but...
I just simply love the DIY lights. Haha. So out of the point.

 Kiddos' room

Would love to have 4 beds in one room. Hehehe, so convenient!
Would love to have a chalkboard for my kids in the room in future. 

I know those pictures might be a lil' unrealistic because of the land and space constrain in Singapore. All this will only work if I've a huge house. Oh well.... I MIGHT JUST MIGRATE OK! 
Kidding, will see how la. Haiyo.
This is why the title says, "Dream House". 
It's just dream what. It doesn't have to come true.

Don't mind my house being this colourful as well.
Sigh, suddenly got feel to study interior design. 

Friday, May 25, 2012



Yoohoo~ I've finally changed and updated my relationship status on Facebook haha. Yes, I know it's lame cause it has been quite a while and we are so slow right? Hahaha but before that I was in a relationship with my good friend, Vinodhini. I didn't want to break up with her, so I left it as it is. Haha. Good friends over boyfriend k /smugface

Plus, I've this thing where I'm rather afraid to change statuses on Facebook. As naive as this is gonna sound, I didn't want it to jinx the relationship. Hahahahaha. Don't judge k! I know that sounded really silly, but I've seen too many status updates evolve from being "in a relationship" to "single" and I don't want to be one of them. So, I've always been careful. That sorta explains why I was in a relationship with my good girlfriend instead of a guy huh. Haha. Oh, my previous relationship wasn't indicated on Facebook as well. So, can you tell how weird I am in this aspect already?

Now, how did it happen? 
It wasn't my boyfriend. Well, he did ask, but I sorta said no.
Cause I didn't want to break up with Vino unless she's the one who initiates it you see.

It's Vino's boyfriend. He is really sweet. He texted me to ask for a favour; something I didn't expect.
And, at that point of time, I was expecting a favour like, help him to complete a surprise or something.
But instead he said, "May I have your permission to be in relationship with Vino on Facebook?" 
That's so so cute!!! Hahaha, of course I said YES!!! 

And at the same, I sorta agree to my boyfriend's request by agreeing to Vino's boyfriend. Hehe.

This is probably nothing big to you, but this sorta is SOMETHING for ME. 
Cause I've never been in a relationship with a male on FB before, not even with my ex. 
I feel that this is something so open and public; feel as if I'm risking something here. 
If you think about this, one's reputation is kind of at stake
How would people not judge you, if they keep seeing
the change in relationship status over a short period of time, right?

I wanna share what I've read on Thought Catalog, something I thought I can relate to, about current situation. Makes me happy that I am not the only one thinking this way eh /glad

Okay, been too long since I last blogged.
And I feel weird. Bye. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012


Been so long since I posted a picture of myself.
In case you guys forgot how I look like. Just kidding.


"She is my good friend... till she has a boyfriend."

I don't wanna say this, but I hope I am not morphing into one of these because I've never liked this kind of girls. Till today, I still think one should never prioritize their boyfriends waaaay ahead of their friends. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly okay to prioritize. I love my boyfriend a lot. 
As much as I do, he also knows that my friends are equally important to me as well. 

Those awful days when I got hurt by jerks; at my almost-lowest point, it was my friends who got me through. So why would I turn my back against them just cause I'm attached now? 

And if ever, (touch wood) my boyfriend were to leave me...
It's gonna be my friends who got my back (again).

Don't come running back to friends, when you have no one else just cause your boyfriend fails you. Friends aren't your back up plans. Even though we promise to always be there for you, think about those times when we needed you, yet you had your boyfriend first. 


Ain't referring to anyone in particular. Don't be sensitive k?

Sunday, May 13, 2012


"Yeah, you do love me from the bottom of your heart right? And you never want to let me go again, right?"

"I said it and I meant it."

Midori pulled away from me with a smile on her face. "OK, I will wait! I believe in you," she said. "But when you take me, you take only me. When you hold me in your arms, you think only about me. Is that clear?"

"I understand exactly."

"I don't care what you do to me, but I don't want you to hurt me. I've had enough hurt already in my life. More than enough. Now I want to be happy."

- Norwegian Woods, Haruki Murakami

Saturday, May 05, 2012


Where on Earth...
What am I doing in Singapore again?


This is just a random blog post to place together the random thoughts I have.

I am probably down with lovesick.
Yeap. Hang in there. 2 more days.