Saturday, April 27, 2013


What did I say about cats?

It's a must-have.


Jeremy and I.
We are as confusing as life is.
Whatever it is, don't worry.
We are okay, we are friends.

Jeremy left for Taiwan that day for his 3 weeks overseas army training.
So before his departure, we decided to meet up and have lunch at Old School Delights. 
And everything about that day seemed really pleasant.

He. He is so capable of making me feel. Feel, more than alive.
Never am I so in touch with my senses and soft sides.
This happiness that seems so blur, I don't mind.
This happiness that seems short-lived, I won't shy.
Make me trust, and I will love you for life.

I promise.


Previously I blogged about the movie Before Sunrise, and I've just finished watching the second part, Before Sunset!!! I must say it's better than the first!!! I like how real the entire movie is, the fact that they've aged and the content of conversation is just so relatable. The contrast is drastic yet comforting because it is so real, what humans eventually become. You'll understand what I'm saying if you catch them.




Ok, I need stop loading y'all with screenshots of movies.
It's getting a tad boring huh. Haha.



Guys, I've finally completed my "To-Be-Singaporean" journey and will be one of you soon.
Honestly, I am not even sure if I'm supposed to be happy about it.
This is a decision made by my mom, something I respect for she knows what's best for me.

Been rushing home the moment I'm done with castings, there's nowhere else I wish to be.
I come home, I snuggle up, I watch movies.
I think about how my life could be relatable to the movies, I cry and I feel good about it later.



This is probably why I have the courage to stand by your side till today.
Otherwise, I'd have collapsed long ago.
You, though you're a mess, you're an extraordinary mess.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Yayyyy, stayed home after casting the other day and finished a movie I've been wanting to watch: 
"Love Me If You Dare"
Everyone gave good response and it's really really not bad!!!
Catch it if you're into romantic films!

Btw this is a French film too, I've been wanting so many French films lately. Gosh.