Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Hello everyone! Hope the week has been great so far and that you're all well. As the title says, I'll be sharing my skincare routine with you guys today!! I'm sorry for postponing this until now. I'm currently having a short break so, time permitting, I shall have more entries coming up sooooooooon hehe.

Side-thought: Do people still read blogs these days? Nonetheless, thanks for being here. Reading this.

I have been pretty into Korean beauty regime ever since I stumbled onto Charlotte Cho/Sokoglam's blog last year. She understands how it is hard for someone who does not understand the Korean language to learn more about the Korean skincare and beauty products. So she reviews them and curates the good ones for us! How amazing is that. Oh! However, I have learnt that she lives in a country with a climate different from ours. Hence, not every recommended product will be suitable for Singapore's humid weather. 

(Random: I saw her on this Korea trip but of course, I resisted and did a good job not fangirling over her. What I would give to ask her what products should I buy this time round in Korea without coming off like a creep though....)

One of her most informative posts would be the 10 Steps skincare regime: here
I tried to follow it religiously but on some days, I slipped back to my lazy self and make do with maybe half of the regime haha. With this guide (and also, utmost discipline), I have noticed pretty good changes on my skin! It's not perfect but I think, given that I'm pretty lazy, I should be thankful for the state my skin is currently in.

This the picture I posted on Instagram! The one there has its colour and tone adjusted and here's the unedited one for your reference. On hindsight, I have come so far from those acne days. However, human's greedy nature always leaves us wanting more - of course, if I can, I'd love to correct uneven skin tones, more moisture etc. 

Disclaimer: I am no expert but these are the products that I have been using and they have never given me any breakouts before. New pimples surface when I try new products that are not suitable, so that's pretty much an indication to know if a product is worth staying on my cabinet or not. I may not like some of them and I'll indicate my opinions accordingly and truthfully. Please do not buy these products below without doing some of your own research! Check them out on the net if they are what your skin needs as well :-) 

Irina's Skin Type: Combination

I've read about double and triple cleansing facial impurities. So I usually start off with an oil-based remover, move on to water cleanser and then finally, cleansing foam. When I have mascara on, Banila Co's Clean it Zero is my absolute go to. It removes everything effortlessly. It is in a solid state and has a creamy texture, in short, balm-like. Rub a reasonable amount all over your face and you'll see your makeup (waterproof or not) starts to melt. Then, rinse off! EASY!

I bought this from Korea but you can maybe try to get it online. This site, (not an ad), sells Korean products at pretty reasonable prices! You might want to check it out :-)

Verdict: Must Try!

I started off loving this cleansing water a loooooot. I'm probably on my fifth bottle now? Apply a 50-cent-coin-sized amount of the product onto a cotton pad and sweep it through your face for remaining residue! The reason why I'm on the fence now about this product is because I've just discovered and purchased the Son&Park Beauty Water. I've heard so much good things about it that maybe Son&Park might replace Eucerin in my regime. We'll know in a few months time when I'm done with my Eucerin and start using Son&Park.

Verdict: Good, but is it better than Son&Park? Idk...
Bought Eucerin from Guardian/Watsons
Bought Son&Park from Korea's Olive Young
Then, I finish up my cleansing with this! I've been pretty happy with the Skinfood's Egg White Pore Foam. I am still on my first bottle. It smells nice and lathers well. I wouldn't say this is an amazing discovery or does wonder to my skin but it has got pretty decent reviews online. So you can check this out if you want to!

Verdict: It's okay~
Bought from Korea's Skinfood
Singapore's Skinfood probably has it too!
To exfoliate, I use Skinfood's Black Sugar Mask! I am still on my first bottle. If you don't already know, it is harmful to use those exfoliators/scrubs with solid beads. The sugar in this product dissolves upon contact with water. Hence, if your skin is sensitive, you can dissolve the sugar a little before you start exfoliating for a more gentle scrub! I like this quite a lot but I wouldn't say it is my holy grail. I use this only on every other day or when my pores feel clogged.

Products come and go so fast because companies keep coming up with new good things! Recently, I've just channeled my attention to Neogen's exfoliating pads! It is highly raved by many beauty bloggers! I bought one in Korea and I can't wait to see if it's any good!

Verdict: Worth buying!
Bought from Korea's Skinfood
Singapore's Skinfood probably has it too!
The current bottle of Clarin's Toning Lotion that I am using is probably my third or fourth bottle. I started using this when I was breaking out a lot. With a 50 cent sized amount of liquid on a cotton pad, I wipe my face clean. I used to love it but I have been enticed by so many other products in the market and apparently... Son&Park Beauty Water tones, as well as cleans too. I might just use Son&Park for all. It's more cost saving that way, I guess? One product replaces two?

Verdict: Does not aggravate sensitive/acne prone skin

After the toner, I follow up with Missha's Time Revolution First Treatment Essence! Tbh, I do not know the technical details/benefits of these products but I have heard that they are good for us! How true is that though, I do not know either. I can only try my best as a victim of advertising and follow their recommendations... because just like everyone, I am afraid of wrinkles.

Many have alleged this product to be the dupe of SKII's essence!! I'm currently on my fourth bottle and I have no complaints till... my recent purchase. I think they've changed the formula because the new one no longer smells the same. The old one used to smell like rice... and I loved that hehe. I don't know what is it about rice, I am not even sure if I'm describing it correcting but it has a calming effect on me.

Verdict: Why not? SKII's price is hefty :'(
Bought in Korea's Missha.
I do not see a lot of Missha in Singapore but there's one in NEX!
Ming's eldest sister has a friend who is a plastic surgeon (or dermatologist, shit my memory is terrible) and he said that we should start using suitable anti-aging products as prevention as soon as we can. I don't know how effective is this serum, but the term 'age-delay' is comforting haha.

I am going to try Missha's Time Revolution Night Repair Serum after this. So maybe then, I'd be able to compare which is better!

Verdict: It's alright~
I do not religiously use this because I am not sure if I am happy with it. I have used sooooo many eye creams and I can't seem to find the one I am happy with. Please share with me if you've an eye cream you're actually happy with!

Verdict: Some people love it while I think it's ok...
I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Yes, I love it. It's a pretty big bottle and I think I am on my second. I bought Yi Ming a more hydrating version of this cause of Oxford's weather and he loves it! This cream, I don't know what about it but it has helped my skin in many ways I do not understand. 

Verdict: BUY.
Darn. Alongside all the beautiful things that my mom has passed down to me, I've inherited her neck lines too. Those of you who do not have it should be reaaaaally grateful because it is the hardest thing to get rid of. This is my first neck cream and I'm not sure if it's as effective as it claims. However, if you know of any other better one, PLEASE SHARE!

Verdict: Only if you're in the same predicament as me. Else, don't waste $$$

Yeap! That's all I have for my skincare routine! Hope this helps. Please do not feel the need to follow my list! The list is not meant to impose but to show you how I have mixed and matched products to fill up my 10 steps skincare routine! For masks, I mostly use the sheet masks I got from Korea almost every night. For the times where I feel my pores are clogged and I have new pimples popping out, I'd use mud mask to help detox!

Also, it helps that Caring Skin ( has been the backbone to my skin preservation journey. Sometimes, with schools and my exams, skincare is really the last thing on my mind. Silly but true, I always look forward to my 2-hour session with them. It's almost like booking for a very deserving me-time after all that hard work I have put into the respective areas of my life. I'm really thankful that Caring Skin has always been so understanding of my skin's needs and allow me to feel confident in bare skin :')

This is the picture taken from the very recent session before I left for Korea! When I was in Europe last year for my Summer escapade, Subrina (the founder) thoughtfully delivered a parcel full of skincare products for me to combat the weather. She secretly liaised with Ming for the address, and totally caught me by surprise. What's even more impressive was, unlike other clients, she has never pressurized me to share on my social media about it. She did it, because she cared. Like her, Caring Skin cares for everyone and that is why I still stick around.

Old entries on Caring Skin:

Now that I am finally acne-free, I can try new treatments I have never tried before! My last session I tried.... sth sth Hydra - feel free to ask the staff what I did - and check this out??? Huiqing, my beautician, stopped in the middle of the facial treatment and excitedly hurried me to look at the difference the facial massage made. Yeap. Pretty cool huh. 

I am aware that many of you have tried Caring Skin and are happy with it!!! Thanks for sharing your success stories with me. I have been in your shoes and I totally understand. For those of you who are still on your way, be patient and trust in their expertise that better skin days will come! Feel free to write in and talk to me about it if you like! I'll reply, but please note that I might be slow with my reply - slowly but surely :-)

OK. Now, if you're new to Caring Skin and would love to try out their facial services, just simply holler my name to enjoy a Dr. Renaud's Beautifying Eye Treatment - targets dark eye circles and heavy eye bags, ON TOP OF any existing promotions!!! *only valid for all new customers above 18 years old

P.S. students get student rates!!!!

For the existing customers, don't worry, they've kept you in mind! You will receive special perks when you're due for your next facial session if you just identify me with them, e..g "Irina's special treats"! Check with Caring Skin's staff for more details *winks*

Yeap... that's all I have for today! Have a lovely week ahead!!!!