Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Read every single word and get it into your head. 

This is such a good post written by my friend, Tricia. I would never be able to string my thoughts up like that. She has just said whatever I've wanted to in the longest time. 
So, guys, please take note.

Got feel to watch Notebook again. Let's go.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche


Been a while since I blogged yea? Actually I have been quite lazy to blog :p
Haha I mean, I am usually more driven to blog when I have things to rant about. And now, generally I am pretty okay. Even if I do have things to rant about, ... I'd be too lazy and meh, soon I'll be fine. 
So, I wouldn't bother to rage all over my blog about it. 
I'd say this holiday has been relatively chill. Hahaha /happysoul /zenmode

So, here the usual update from moi:

Been pretty busy with work. Remember I mentioned Paul & Joe and Calvin Klein? Yeap!!!
So here is the first one: Paul and Joe during Fashion Steps Out (FSO)

Call time was at 715am.
Okay, at least I didn't look as dead as what I'd imagine.

I like how Instagram always make bare faces look nice.
Thank you Instagram, I appreciate it a lot. Haha.

Got bored and tied a messy Scorpion braid for Sara.
Vivien was like complaining how my braid was so messy looking.
But that's my style and I like it like thaaaaat. Hehehehe ^^

Always my motto.

Sara and Vivien

Waiting to get our hair done at NEXT Hair Salon @ Ion


After getting our hair & makeup done, we started to take more photos just to kill time.
We got our hair & makeup done around 4-5plus. The show started at 830pm. Haha.
So we had pleeeeeenty of time.

I absolutely love Danielle's look. So adorable looking!


And then so this was how I looked like for the show.
I know right... damn cheena. I myself couldn't get over it. 
So it's okay if you can't as well. Hahahaha.

Spot me if you can ;-)

And then.... yes. I got sent to hospital cause I passed out after the show.
Cause of exhaustion + dehydration + I wasn't feeling well,
but I'm alright now!!!! :-)

Was really thankful to have met a lot of nice models that took really good care of me when I couldn't 'function'. Really really blessed. Sometimes I don't know what can I do to thank these kind souls. It's like a 'thank you' can never be enough. In fact, that phrase is understatement to me.

So yes, I was sick. Got my medicine and all. 
This was only part I of III medicine of what I actually had. 
Haha. They were all so horrible.
Got 4 days MC, and my mom got me this. So that I'd stay in bed and rest all day at home.
Which of course, didn't work cause I went out on the first day of my MC. Hahaha!

Got myself some books to accompany me during the MC period, but obviously didn't work.
Must be that they ain't attracted enough to keep me grounded. Hahaha.

On the first day of my MC, I met up with this sweetheart.
Haven't seen her for ages, so I had to go and meet her. 
And I did! :-)

On the second day, I started work! 
Worked together with Makmak.

Went to USS again with my boyfriend this time. Cause he had never been there before.
So since I am a nice soul, I accompanied him. Haha /self-praise
I really had a lot fun!!! Explored USS more in depth this time. 
Made sure I took all the rides, and I've accomplished that so yay! Haha.

Never thought I'd have so much fun, since it's my second time there. Thought it wouldn't be as fun as the first, but I was wrong. Probably has to do with the person I was with.
I adore this mean yet entertaining boyfriend of mine so much.

Thank you so much for everything that day, Self-Proclaimed World's Best Boyfriend.

Remember me losing my wallet loooooooooong time ago? Like last year? 
Guess what? I haven't gotten my replacement for my ezlink card till recently. 
Haha. I had to. To renew my student plan for my phone. Otherwise, I simply wouldn't.

Went to visit Hoho at her workplace. She is working at this ice cream place currently at Sin Ming Centre near Upper Thomson. It's damn chill there. Luv it!


And then, the day for Calvin Klein Jeans for Paragon show.
Call time was at 7am. Omg, so earlyyyyy~
The stage for Paragon show this year, I thought it's really nice.
The stage wasn't as slippery like last year as well! Which is really good (for models).

The finished look for Calvin Klein Jeans show.
Hair + makeup done. Natural looking.

At least I am not so China looking here. Haha.
Overall, it was really a fantastic show! In fact I think it was one of my best shows!!!
Am really honoured to be chosen to walk for this brand, 
and of course to be the opening girl. Thank you.

Then met a Hipster auntie playing with Draw Something on train.

And then, went home to change and headed to Zouk. 
Had a really good time! Luuuvvvv this week so much.

I hope your week has been awesome too!
If not, make it so!
The choice is yours ;-)

Thank you Lord for everything.