Friday, November 06, 2015


Just thought that I'd share a mixtape that I made for Irina. The thing is, life get's tough sometimes. However, you never have to face it alone because there are always people who care for you. And when you feel like the world seems just about to swallow you whole, I hope this mixtape will replenish the strength in your heart. 

 P.S I took like 3 hours to figure out how to embed this mixtape. It loads, trust me. Just give it awhile.
P.P.S It doesn't load on Chrome but does in Safari (both on the Mac & iPhone). Shame on you, Google.
Update: It works on Chrome, but golly damn it's slow.
Update: The public link has been suspended for generating excessive traffic. Irina will share it again some other time!

- Yi Ming


Update from Irina:

Heres' the playlist I'm sure able to load and play haha. Thanks, Ming.
You're the best.


Thanks babe.

-Yi Ming