Saturday, December 06, 2014



Hi, you lovely people. How's your 2014 so far? If it hasn't been good, this is your chance to make it right. Stop moping and start cracking! Get outta your bed and do something fun today! There's so much to do. Hang with friends. Chill with family members. Catch a movie. go for bowling etc. Just be happy ok? 

I'm very pleased to say my 2014, though as usual a roller coaster ride as the other years, I feel like it's a lot better comparatively and it's gonna end on a very very lovely note. 

I haven't updated in a while and so here is "What's up with my life so far?"

1. I disappeared for a while cause I was.... busy studying. And for some reasons, I just discovered that studying is actually deemed as uncool??? Since when?! There's nothing more attractive in a women I find, other than wit, intellect and personality. There are waaaay too many people making study look uncool. Do I sound like I'm already being sucked into the whole typical Singaporean education system vortex? Maybe you didn't know and maybe I haven't made it obvious enough but I've always been this way. It's just that the disparity is a lot more pronounced in my current university. I never want to live up to the stereotypes that models are stupid and vapid. Some people were sooooooooo surprised when they learnt that I would skip an important fashion gig for exams revision. The question is, "Why not?" Seriously... why not??? Instead of chasing shallow stuff, secure and anchor yourself to something concrete. I'm only human, of course I complain and dread about school but ultimately, I do my part: study and hope to do well. Girls, do not let your friends' perception of what's cool and not deter you from your potential. Study smart and play hard. I am just done with my second semester and I've gotten back two grades. One of which, I received a whooping 95.3/100. I was.... in a complete shock. I've never seen that anything like that since primary school days --- I swear. Ignore all the social rules and be that smart, witty and charming woman than wishing you were her.

2. I can't wait to have a blast this December and January! Yi Ming will be touching down in the morning tomorrow. We'll spend our day chilling and nursing his jet lag. We'll also be catching movies we haven't had the time to: Big Hero 6, Horrible Bosses, Laggies and whatnots. We also have Vietnam and Taiwan to conquer!!! Thank you for those who've given us suggestions on these two places! We are very appreciative :')

3. I'm getting my iPhone 6 today with 128gb *omg* 

4. I cannot be anymore thankful to all the good things that have happened to me recently. 

5. I caught the Drums yesterday, and I would like to share with you guys my current favourite song from their favourite album. If, by any chance, you guys happen to like this song, do let me know! Each time you hear it, you might think of me? Hehe *wink*

5. Now, time to get ready and head over to Yishun to spend time with my granny and Noname - precious beings I've neglected in a while.

Catch up with your loved ones, if you haven't already.

Till' then!