Wednesday, March 26, 2014


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Hi guys! Have you heard of this new goodie in town? The new Somersby Cider in pear flavour! To be honest, I am not a fan of liquor or any sort of drinks with alcohol content except Jolly Shandy. I’m a really really bad drinker. Most friends label me as cheap drunk. Which is why I don’t drink when I club cause my liquor tolerance is almost non-existent haha. When I'm out chilling with my friends, I usually get plain water or soft drink or mocktails. In other words, I’m the loser.

It sucks to disappoint cause I know I have that face. That face, I look like I can drink (not self-assumption but from what I'm told so far). But now with this new baby which carries 4.5% ABV, I feel slightly more competent than usual hahahaha. It makes a difference now that I'll feel less like a baby. At least, I am holding something…. (rather) alcoholic now winkwink haha.

Somersby’s Apple Cider has been here since 2012 and been talked about a lot! I have never been introduced because it’s not easy to get fancy anything with alchol content but thisssssssssss is really not bad. The newly launched Somersby Pear is made with 22.5% real pear juice with no artifical sweeteners, flavours or colorings. It’s rumoured that the first taste is similar to biting into a fresh pear, followed by a crisp and subtle hint of natural sweetness. I really like how this Pear Cider feels like a combination of fruit juice + sparkling juice but with a real kick at the end.


Behind The Scene

I am so very honoured to be selected to be part of the making of this Pear Cider's promotional video: Wicked Peary. As y'all know, I've been marketed for runway and I'm not exactly made for the commercial. So having a camera in my face, videoing was not easy! (thanks God for the practices I had from vlogs hahahaha) In terms of acting experiences, I'm really as green as pear. So yeah, go ahead, have a good laugh and enjoy the video above!

It was nice working with Joshua Ang (the director) whom I believed y'all should know from I Not Stupid movie. I wish I'd taken more behind the scenes shot but guess what? I was busy freaking out while waiting for my turn to get on set.


How how how? Here's how:

1. Watch the video above
2. Simply count how many times Wicked Peary appeared in the video
3. Share the photo of your answer online!


And psssssssssst.............

These babies can be found at cool places like Wala Wala, Ice Cold Beer, One Altitude, The Coastal Settlement, Marmalade@the Stables, Shuffle, Bliss House and Crab in Da Bag. Go try one this week!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014


It doesn't have to be elaborated. I don't care about fancy dates but if he says, 
"Hey let's grab some desserts, my treat."
"I need to buy a sweater, help me choose?"
"I haven't seen you in awhile, let's go catch a movie."

All the above simply sound way better than, "I don't know what you want to do, you decide."

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Can you believe it that I'm still not done with my New Zealand entries!!! It's been months, and it's already 2014 now hahaha. I've been caught up and somehow the video took me forever to edit. Don't expect too much from my vlog. It's probably the most boring video I've ever mad but still, look forward to it at the end of this entry haha. 

So yes, this was the fourth day, which was basically the best day out of the entire trip. I had a few more days in New Zealand but the weather got bad and the rest of it wasn't as interesting. I've decided to not record them down because I should end the NZ entry with the best or more like, I'm just lazy.

Finally feeling some warmth in New Zealand that day. Though it's beginning of Summer, it's was nothing like summer!!!!! I wore two layers of long john on the inside after my undergarments, and then a white long sleeve followed by the black mesh, and then my thick outerwear. The only thing I love about cold is layering and that's about it. Nothing else. Not the chapped lips or the dry hands. Nope.
I wanna stay here forever. I want to have my garden of lavenders. I want to.... run as fast as I could through the flowers and jump onto this bed of lavenders and look up at the blue blue sky. Ahhhh life~
Russell Lupins are regarded as the weed/unwanted grass in New Zealand. How is that even possible? How I wish the weed in Singapore look equally as charming at the same time, absolutely redundant?
We then arrived at Lake Pukaki. Pukaki water was so clear, it mirrored the sky.
It's really hard to translate its beauty through these unfiltered photos but do watch my New Zealand vlog and get a better view of this lake. I wanna build a house by the lake side. I want a lake house.
How clear the water was. It's unreal.
Lake Tekapo.
Tekapo had this blue that's very calming. The water seemed milky. Totally different from Pukaki. They're both beautiful in their own ways. I am truly humbled by God's creations.
After a few hours drive, we arrived in Queenstown
Queenstown left me with such a lovely impression. How the entirely place feels so romantic, it makes you want to be with someone. It makes you want to fall in love, date, talk to strangers, open up your heart again and feel free. For New Zealanders, y'all may not think it's true cause we always take what's before us for granted but yeah, I loved what I saw.
The restaurants give blankets to their customers to snuggle. Tell me how is this not cute and romantic?
I met this girl every other day when I was there. Her boards never failed to compel me to leave her some change. She's got some good advertising moves there. "Some desserts after lunch would be nice" or "I'm craving for xxxxxx for dinner tonight" It really draws me to her cause I like to know how my money is being used. There are way too many scammers in Asia, I grow up skeptical like that.
Queenstown is such a beautiful town, not too big not too small. Just...  comfortable, nice and cosy.
My mom looking like some Ninja Turtle. We're gonna go for a water ride which promised 360 degree turn. In prevention of getting wet (cause it's really cold), my mom wrapped herself up entirely and yes, of course the shades too. After the entire ride, she's so proud how she stayed totally dry and we got somewhat drenched.
Besides being a fun ride, they inserted a few educational lessons here and there. Good job, NZ. I honestly didn't see that coming. And it was all really good info.

And yes, the video which I took months to finish. I wish I could have ended the skydiving video more glamourously than freaking out about my contacts on the ground like a helpless child hahaha. Overall yes, though overrated it was thoroughly a good experience. It's a must try.... at least once in your life. So start saving up! It cost me about.... $500 inclusive of photos and videos? It's cool cause I was expecting $800.

And guess what? I saw a Jetstar promo ongoing for NZ! Just thought I should share in case y'all got tempted and wanna start planning a trip there hehehee #goodthingsmustshare #justsaying