Friday, December 28, 2012


For those who asked, here you go!

I am really bad at making video tutorials (I shy) and I'm no makeup expert so I think this would be sufficient in giving you an idea of what I do everyday yeah.

It's actually quite direct, no magic or spells.

Sorry for some of the poor quality images, tried searching for high res but to no avail.

1. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

2. Sana New Born - Brow EX

3. This is kinda an optional step for me these days cause I wanna nurse my lashes:
Benefit - They're Real!
Face Shop - Face It Volume Mascara
L'oreal - Double Extension Curl
(sorry for those I've answered on Formspring, I mentioned Revlon)

4. Fabracadabra M.A.C Bronze Face Kit 

5. Pop Beauty - Stain Stay + Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm

There, hope these will be helpful :-)
Go have a superb day ahead!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Give me reasons why I shouldn't love Ellen.


Wherever you go and whatever you do
There's a man underground that will always love you

I was listening to Noah and The Whale's Second Lover yesterday, and this crazy idea appeared in my head. I thought of a world which accepts the existence of a second lover in a relationship. A place where having a second lover wouldn't signify cheating or infidelity, but instead, an option everyone can opt for. 

It would be a socially acceptable norm. How cool is that?
I could be your second lover, and someone else's first.

This second lover could potentially provide you with all the comfort and love you're lacking from your first lover. The second lover could also compensate you in any means the first lover is incapable of: being there for you, filling up gaps in the relationship etc.

I'm sorry if I made this second lover sounds like substitute because he's not. You know how you categorize your friends? You have this friend whom you loveeeee to party with, and this friend whom you chose not to party with but just chill at the cafe or something. It's not like friend A is better than friend B. You like both, it's just that both take care of your needs differently right?

I'm talking about the same thing here. The second lover is not meant to be a substitute. It's supposed to have a different strength from your first and he/she balances out your first lover. Eg: The first lover is a real sweet guy, who supports you emotionally and all but somehow you never seem to feel safe around him. So this is where your second lover comes in: He who is probably strong and muscular could offer you some sense of security. Balanced right? 

I'm just quoting an example... It might be bad, but you know what I'm saying.

Just think about how crazy it would be if this is okay, or that this is already happening in the parallel universe. If it's really so, I don't think there'll be issues such as cheating, infidelity, jealousy, or possessiveness etc. I mean, if we were brought up that way, being taught since young that the idea of sharing and having a second lover in a relationship is totally okay and NORMAL, they would definitely be more opened to the way of life from the very start. 

Don't you think jealousy and possessiveness would be at its minimal then, because we have learned to be so open and embrace the willingness to share? Well of course not forgetting problems like, time management with first and second lover, well I guess that's up to you to coordinate. How do you juggle with friends and family? Or friend A and friend B? Same thing right? Yeap...

But anyway, this is just one of my crazy wild thoughts. Don't dwell or think too much into it haha.

Though I'm saying all this about the second lover, I'm totally happy with my one and only lover now.

Boyfriend's phone line got suspended by the service provider yesterday because of some miscommunication. So he couldn't text me last night and I was waiting. So he texted me today when he got his line back. I truly appreciate how he's so reassuring. Thank you so much, sweetheart. Though I wasn't exactly insecure or anything last night, still the fact that you thought of the possibilities and assured me, really made my day a lot.

Can't wait to see you soon already!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Went for lunch with colleagues. Lunch was great and heavy.
I am forcing myself to blog right now, just so I can exercise my brain and not doze off.

I haven't never mentioned anything about the place that I'm interning at right? Well, I'm going to today... briefly haha. I love how this place is filled with so many different nationalities. I am amazed by how much I can learn from these guys. It's as if I'm traveling bit by bit each day. I am humbled from what I managed to learn here; to understand and appreciate the different cultures without feeling stupid because I don't have pre-knowledge in those topics.

So, we had lunch at this place called Annalakshmi (133 New Bridge Road).
This Indian restaurant is amazing because the place has a beautiful history/story to it.
From what I heard (I haven't googled this to verify but I'm somehow convinced)...

This guy, Annalakshimi I supposed, came to Singapore wanting to work/study.

As he stayed here, he became poorer. So poor that he starved himself on certain days.
So now that he made it, all rich and successful... (apparently he owns some global hotel line, which I haven't found out which one as well), Annalakshimi builds restaurants everywhere just to feed the poor.

So when you go there, you can eat as much as you want, and pay any amount you like.

$20? $10 $5? $2? Or even not pay at all.

But of course, it's not very nice if you walk out without paying but they won't stop you. The staff who are working there, they are all volunteers. Their service is really good as well. And all the money they earn will go to a charity org (which I don't know). 

I'm sure all those details that I'm not sure of can be found on Google. I just chose not to Google because I am totally convinced by what I've been told, so it's up to you to do some research on it or not.

How amazing is this right? It humbles me to know that there are rich people who have never forgotten their roots and sufferings and did something to change the world. I love that because they can, they empower the rest. I wish more rich people are like that, with their financial capabilities, they can do so much more to change things, even just a little bit.

That's not exactly the main point of this entry. I'm sorry that that was only Part 1, I'm gonna go into Part 2 now, sorry if I bore you haha. You may exit.

So, I had lunch with my colleague. They are all from different countries. 2 from India, 1 from China and another from Europe (I forgot where and thought it'd be where to ask... again).

Indian Guy A said randomly, "I prefer to eat with chapati, cause how can you eat rice with everything?"

So what he meant was to have chapati in replacement of rice. This bewildered me for a while. If you think about his questions again, "How can you eat rice with everything?".... Well, the Chinese can. The Chinese, they eat rice with everything else, almost every day right? So I was stumped by what he said.

And then they talked about how chapati is made of wheat, so it's okay to be replaced with rice. 

Indian Guy A then asked the Chinese Girl, "So what's the most exotic thing you've ever eaten?" He was obviously hoping for answers like caterpillars, cockroaches, insects etc. To our (yes, including mine) surprise, she said..... cheese.

We were obviously shocked cause we have no idea exactly when China got introduced to cheese. We just didn't expect to hear this in 2012. If this is in 2005, maybe still acceptable... right? Or is it just me being shallow?

After the pause, the European Guy said, "Chocolate too, right?"


Don't you think it's amusing how we have all these misconceptions about other countries and their cultures. It's funny what they cannot do, or think is impossible, we on another side of the Earth do it every day without thinking it's weird or impossible?

Now I totally believe what my friend just told me about her experience in US, when someone asked her, "So you do kungfu?" 

P/S The Chinese in China know of chocolate okay. In case you thought they thought chocolate is as exotic as cheese. 

Yeah, that's all. Long naggy entry.

I'm definitely more awake now. 2 and half more hours to go. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I think it is okay to feel good being alone sometimes.
Afterall, we all need some 'me' time.

There are days where I just shut myself down from everyone else. I would like to be alone, in my room and go into a 'digital vegetation'. A term my boyfriend came up with when I just lay there using my phone without moving or doing anything else. He's just upset that I ignore him and my phone is much more important. He didn't understand then, because he didn't have an iPhone. 
Now that he does, he's far worse than me. 

When you retreat into your own cosy bubble, you don't have to care about the time, weather, the people, the conversations, how people would want you to look, how people would judge the way you dress etc. There is so much more to pleasing yourself than pleasing people around you.  

I like chilling at a cafe and reading alone. That's why I always envy the European's slow and peaceful lifestyle. Singapore is too fast-paced and I no longer can catch up. I like taking a long bus ride alone. I've always wanted to be adventurous. I want to hop onto random buses and travel without a care to the destinations and alight whenever I want and hop onto another bus, just to observe and see Singapore differently from how I would usually perceive it to be. I enjoy long walks as well, I don't mind walking home alone. I am a walker. The distance does not bother me. 
Solitary gives me time to think and set my mind free.


As much as I like being alone, whenever I see a mother with her child playing cheekily with one another on the bus, or a girl with her lover hugging closely at the sidewalk, or a friend laughing with their best friend gleefully near the bus stop, I would realize even though I enjoy being alone, 
I don’t fancy being lonely. 

"The sky is beautiful, but the people are sad. I just need someone who won’t run away." - Unknown

Sunday, December 16, 2012



I will be shifting to tomorrow 
(17 Dec 2012)

I really wanted though.... /whines

But guess what?
Someone owned it just last month.
Guess I wasn't fast enough, a month slow... that sucks man.

And.... maybe I am thinking too much, but what is this is a conspiracy?
Imagine me announcing this, and tomorrow irinatyt is actually taken!!!!

I would be so mad.

Never mind, ignore what I said
I am just being silly and paranoid hehe (though it could be true)
Ok, see you guys there at irinatyt then!!



It's really amazing. 
The team worked so hard and I am so glad the pictures turn out to be terrific!

Someone asked me this on Formspring. 

I feel happy working with them. I guess that's what matters right?
They are really nice people.

Actually, I realized there are a lot of nice people in Singapore.
Just that they weren't given opportunities to shine, cause we are all so skeptical sometimes.

Behind The Scenes

Bangla enough?

Photographed by Amanda Wong




Thursday, December 13, 2012


This video... made me cry in the office.



Please don't pressure me about updating my blog. 
I've a life and I'm kinda busy with it.

Please note the following:
1. I'm not a full-time blogger
2. You don't pay me
3. I don't owe you anything

So please... don't be rude on formspring when you're asking for updates.

Ask nicely and you'll get what you need.

How We Met & Progress - III

How did you guys get together?

Irina: Oh, ha ha ha. B, why don’t you answer this one.
Jeremy: Ahem… okay it was about 10 months back, on 28 January 2012. We were chilling at Spinelli, Orchard Central. 2011 didn’t end too well for me. So I want to kickstart 2012 in the right way. I wanted a new and fresh start. I want to find a nice girl, commit and settle down. It was totally a different side of me. I mean, why wait when I’ve this amazing girl yeah?
Irina: It was really sudden. I didn’t see it coming either, cause the whole ‘settling down’ thing was never in his dictionary. So I guess the New Year magic must have gotten pretty serious into him haha, but I’m glad it turned out this way.

Jeremy: As I was saying, we were chilling at Spinelli right… So I casually took her phone to fiddle with it. She’s always cool with me meddling with her phone. When she wasn’t looking, I changed my contact name on her mobile phone to “Will You Be My Girlfriend” instead. I put it on the table, near her where she could see. And I called her. She paused and stared at the screen for a while and raised her head to look at me. I smiled and asked, “Will you be my girlfriend?”

Irina: AND I SAID YES! The moment the word shot out my mouth so quickly, I hesitated right after and said, “Are you sure of this? Do you want to give this a second thought? I mean, I’m totally okay with this, but you… please think it through yeah.”
Jeremy: It’s funny that she got flustered. I was very sure of what I wanted. I wanted to have her then. So the ‘yes’ was a really strong affirmation and assurance to me, I was so happy. The little Jeremys in my head were doing a mid-air punch and shouting ‘Yeah man!!!’ hahaha. I know I did good.

Who loves more now?

Jeremy: Obviously it’s me.
Irina: Definitely not true. I don’t need to declare because the answer to this question is way too obvious.
Jeremy: I will always love her no matter. No matter how she gets angry at me, how she wants me to go away, how she shows me attitude. It doesn’t matter. I love her so I won’t go away. I love her more.

Irina: I don’t know how to say/prove that I love you more but I’m sure you definitely can feel the overflowing love I have for you isn’t it? Think about the time where I had to wait 3 hours for you to book out at Pasir Ris, or the times where I had to put up with all the nonsense you unknowingly put me through, or the times where you receive mini surprises from me. All these are love too, sweetie.
Jeremy: I don’t think it can be measured. We each think we love each other more. So that’s the answer.

Anymore questions, you can formspring me or comment here!!!!

 I'll survive Friday.
This weekend is gonna be awesome.


A random post I read, just thought I should share.

I am so absorbed with love and life these days, that I feel crazy.
I didn't think I could keep up with love like this.
I look forward to every possible weekend, where Jeremy could book out.
I pray I could skip through the weekdays just to get to weekends faster.
Knowing that my weekends are going to be much more exciting and fulfilling these days,
I couldn't stop thinking about all the possibilities and surprises
that will unfold each weekend with Jeremy and my lovely friends around.

I love weekends.
But I love Jeremy, my friends and my life much much more.

Monday, December 03, 2012



Honestly, when I was younger I had no idea what's the craze with shark fins, for I've never liked it.
I had it then because the elders said it's good for health and since it's expensive, it has to be good.

Now, lemme straighten this out for those who are still clouded by the inaccurate info.

Shark fins are actually cartilages. 
They have no nutritional value or taste. 


Well, there are a lot more things you don't know and would be utterly horrified when you do.
The shark facts above from
I've gotten some more and these are the few I really wanna share:

So how would you like your children/grandchildren not knowing what a shark is? 
If we are going at this rate, they'd all be gone in 10-20 years time. And you can't bring them to Underwater World or anywhere in the world, just to see this magnificent creatures.
How would you like that?

You studied science in primary and secondary school, didn't you?
This is food chain, remember? Make full use of your knowledge now.

This is plain cruelty.
Watch these videos, and tell me if you think this act is acceptable.

Humans aren't food to shark. Get this right.
By now, you should know how media is like.
They distort and exaggerate truths, so judge for yourself what's right or wrong.

Seriously, Singapore? We can do better. 
Now, that we are ranked world's most emotionless society.
What's next? Cruel? Let's not disappoint our future generation.

Personal wish: I would like my children/grandchildren to be able to dive and appreciate the beauty of God's works and to see the magnificent whale shark right before their eyes.

We've gotta stop.


I'll be proud of you.
So will the future generation too.