Thursday, June 27, 2013


Tried changing blog layout for a fresher look. And failed hahaha. 
My knowledge to HTML is so limited, I can't do much /sigh/
Oh well.... Gonna see who can help me with this. I'm so bored of how boring it looks.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Tabulated Tumblr's and Blogger's poll and Blogger is obviously leading (i'm somehow secretly happy), so here I am as I really really need a space to rant.

1. If you think you know someone well, try traveling with them.

I've been taught and told, you'll only truly know someone when you travel with them, so far it's been proven right each time. It's not about the sleeping habits you're about to find out, it's more. Living habits (if you're sharing room), ability to compromise, selfish vs selfless, and a lot more.

Traveling with someone is a risk. Hence, choose your travel companion carefully. Please note that a good friend may not be a good traveling buddy, already proven twice. Trust me, if you haven't experienced this, someday you will and you'll agree because when I was told, I disagreed and thought how can one be so different when they're overseas? Oh yes, they can be.

2. Models fight for jobs. Irina cancels jobs.

The moment I touched down from Phuket, I was told I've 3 jobs waiting for me. It's a good thing, isn't it?? Except, my skin hasn't healed. It's gotten worse after Phuket. Might be the haze, might be the weather? I don't know. Might be the lack of sleep? I really have no idea except feeling all stressed up about it.

I appreciate my agent proposing me for job but I don't want to show up feeling not up to standard. I don't want to disappoint clients. So, I cancelled 2 jobs. There's one this Saturday which I can't cancel. I just have to brave through it with a sucky complexion. The blogger with post-facial horror recovers super fast and I don't get why mine is taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrr. Hurry, please. I need to work.

3. Tumblr vs. Blogger

So, it seems Blogger is leading. I honestly like Blogger too but it's just that I really do like Tumblr's interface as well. It's so clean and nice!!! I've to do something about my blog layout. Should I hire someone or anyone willing to do it free for me hahaha? Gah, wish I'm talented and skilled.

In fact, I'm not as mad as I imagined myself to be. Maybe I'm just flustered about Saturday's job. Oh well. Suck it up, Irina. You'll be fine.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


If anyone is still here.... hahaha

I've been getting some feedback about some readers missing the blogger, and some liking the tumblr. It's pretty in-betweens. So please vote on the poll below, so that I know which space you guys are more comfortable with: Tumblr or Blogger.
I’ll leave this poll here till end of the week, and decide from there where to reside :-)  
Thank you guys so much!!!
(finally back in Singapore and the heat is killing me)

Which do you prefer?