Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 Happy 1st Month, sweetheart. 

Random fact: Yknow I've always thought of those couples who give importance or celebrate monthsary or whatsoever kinda lame? And now.... I am one of them. Told you I'm oxymoronic. Ha.

So, please bear in mind that for me to even write this entry, is really really unusual!!! I've never really cared about all this monthsary thing, not even with my ex I think (if I rmb correctly). 

But all I know is that it's different this time. I have never thought, never crossed my mind that I'd be together with this boy. Never. Realistically, somehow, my mind just told me that we can never work. He is someone that people would refer to as my shame crush.

What is a shame crush? Well, shame crush is when you find yourself liking someone who’s totally not your type; might even be totally off your ideal radar or something. Remember Avril Lavigne's pop hit, "Sk8er Boi"? It was a shame crush kind of love story: He was a punk. She did ballet
Yeap, so basically it means two people, almost the opposite, end up falling hopelessly for each other.

Jeremy and I, the classic example. We are the odds that people never thought could happen. That is why, I find that surviving even one day with him is miraculous enough, so what more one month? I just want to pen this down so that when I look back, I know I once held onto something really dear.

This one month has made me feel like it has been forever. It felt soooo loooong, but it is only a month. Been through so much with him, that I'm thankful for even the littlest blessing that I receive.
I'm gonna keep this real short.

Jeremy Tan Yu Tzin
Thank you for being the amazing you, you are
And for the amazing past 30 days we had

I truly do.

Down by The Water. Ikea Trip. Meeting at Batok late at night.
Going to your condo for the first time. Chronicles movie. Lovely time at Chips. 
Thompson with your friends. Ice-skating on V-day. 
2 Kissing Fish + Goldfish. Kimchi fried rice.
Love, the Chinese movie that bore you so much.

Goodnight, J ♥

P.S I hope I didn't jinx anything with this blog entry eh. 

Sunday, February 26, 2012




My paper ended on Thursday, but I have been so caught up and busy to even blog ☹
Well, so here's the weekly update heh.

Before all the mugging/revision, took up my last gig: Dr. Georgia Lee's Gorgeous Decadence IV.
It's her birthday party. We were all supposed to be her look-a-like. That explains the wigs isn't it? Haha.

P.S If you don't know who's Georgia Lee. You can Google her.

And then the mugging + procrastination of course.

And then some encouragement from Leet if I do well for my papers.
He knows it will work cause it's in yellow.
Then again, I want to do well for myself and not for the reward.
Still, thoughts that count. So thank you yeh!!!!

In the midst of all the studying, I went to do some research on pets.
Cause I've been wanting to adopt cat! I doubt my mom allows though.
I want it bad. This especially!!!
So cute right, wait no, it's exotic actually.

After my first paper, shag + slight satisfaction

Then it's Thursday and done with papers!!!
As usual, I came up with to-do list for this holiday. Look at no.8
Leet requested for me to Skype with him everyday. And obviously
I haven't been fulfilling it cause like I said, I've been busy. So sorry if you're seeing this!

Look at how Leet photobombs me through Whatsapp. Hahaha.




HAHAHA. Yes, it is quite a big thing cause I don't usually cook. The last time I cooked was for Food and Nutrition lesson in Secondary 2. So yes, this is quite a big deal. Thats why my granny was kinda taken aback. And the reason why I could get myself to do it was simply because of Huisze and my boyfriend. Hehehe. Huisze came over to meet me.

Without her and her expertise in cooking, I wouldn't dare to cook myself.
And that, my boyfriend, he loves Korean food. He gave me a container full of kimchi the other time.
I didn't know what to do with it. And Huisze suggested Kimchi Fried Rice, and voilaaaaa~  

All the ingredients.

Huisze frying the hotdogs.

Looks good enough for you? Hehe.

Huisze very happy with the end result!!! Hehehe.

And then, I surprised my boy at void deck with the kimchi fried rice. He finished it all and thought it's not bad!!! ☺☺☺ Super happy and glad 'cause not only it's my first time, but the satisfaction I got was overwhelming. Never thought I would go far, or do so much for someone. 
Nothing is more satisfying than that.

Love you, silly.

The wise Simsimi has spoken hahaha.

This was for a press conference show for the upcoming Audi Fashion Festival that will be happening in March/April. This show was really depressing for me. I was kinda disappointed at myself because I was late and did not meet the call time. Call time was 645am that day. 
I was supposed to be up at 515am. My alarm did not go off. I woke up at 7plus. 
There was no miss calls, no texts. I was panicking real bad. 

"Why weren't there calls?"
"Why is no one rushing me?"
"Am I cancelled for the show that's why no one is calling me?"

It's not as if I chose to be overslept cause I didn't even hear the alarm. So I texted my agent and took a cab down. The traffic was bad. When I arrived there, I was 2 hours and 15mins late. Terrible, really terrible. Very disappointed at myself. No doubt the client was angry, I don't know if they'll book me ever again. But this is honestly an accident, I don't know if I should call it a mistake cause why wouldn't the alarm ring when I've set it correctly, isn't it? 

The heartbreaking part was that the client told me this:
"Other clients spoke well about you. I wish to groom you at first. Now,.. I don't know anymore."

I really wish I could turn back time.
They say everything happens for a reason. 
I don't know what is the reason for this yet. 

But later part of the day wasn't so bad. After that show, I had another gig. 
Met up with Dacy. She's really nice and fun to be with.
 After that, I went to Clarke Quay to find my boy. We went to Rebel together
and had an amazing time. He somehow has the ability make me forget about my woes.

And lastly, yesterday I went to meet Sham G. after so longggg since I last met her.
All I could say is Sham has grown up since sec sch hehehe. 
Didn't manage to take a picture with her. But, I'll definitely see her again soon. 
And will take one to show y'all how she looks like now. She's such a beauty to me.

Long update eh?
Hehehe. Have a great Sunday everyone!


I have strong yet flexible opinions on things. I am not easily influenced or swayed by others' beliefs. 

One of the things I've always believed is that if it's meant to be, it will always be.
It's almost the same as, what's yours will eventually be yours. No point keeping what's not. 

Couples who are meant to be, have the ability to find their way back to each other; as if they're naturally drawn to each other. Even if they were to lose each other over something unpleasant, somehow they'll just mend back the gap. 

As silly as this is going to sound, I think that everyone is born in a pair (male + female); they're also attached to each other with an invisible string. This string is designed to keep them near to each other and find their way back to each other when they are lost. 

And only time will tell, who'll be the one finding their way back to you.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


"I don't have to be your number one, knowing that I'm your only one"
- viatumblr

Monday, February 20, 2012


Correction for no.3:
Both goodnight and goodmorning texts would be lovely to receive

Saturday, February 18, 2012


It has been a great week. It is supposed to be a study break week, but I treated it like holiday. I have got 2 papers next week on Wed and Thurs. Sigh, really worried now. I am really not good with examinations. Exam anxiety ruins everything. 


Been 'studying' at Starbucks with babygirl, Rash. 
Meeting her reminded me of how much I actually miss her.

And then, here's the legendary Leet. Haha. Never fails to make me laugh.

Super sorry that it feels like I haven't been talking to you for long!!!!
I'll be back bugging you once papers are over! You're probably sleeping now, and I happen to be free now. Oh well, sleep tight!!!!!

This is a really cute iPhone app.


L'oreal Hairshow

Yingying's wig for the show.

With other models.

The complete look. Lovin' it!

So gothic right? Still chio!!! Hehe.

My composite card.

Carrie Models on newspaper!!!! Woohoo. Hehehehe. 
I have no idea what's written in Chinese.
In case, you don't know. I can't read Chinese. Haha.

I suggest we should just be asleep all day and all night.

My dearest Stanley, hahahahaha. Chao recruit! 
It's amazing how we've known each other for so long.

And lastly, my precious Haziq and Rashidah.
Really had an amazing time with them yesterday even though I was supposed to be studying.
It's all worth it. I wouldn't trade yesterday's time with them, with anything else!

Okay, this is the short update! 
I'll be back after exams on... Thurs?
See youuuzxszszszsxz!!!