Friday, November 18, 2016


I've 12 more days to go till the end of semester and then... I'll be done with school for good. I cannot even begin to say how happy I am. But of course, stepping into the oblivion of adulthood can be nerve wrecking. Well, I'll just wing it as usual.


How exciting is it that Christmas is just around the corner!! I can't wait to start my Christmas shopping!!!! Speaking of which, I'm actually very behind my schedule.... I was hospitalized for a good 5 days and only got discharged yesterday. 

With finals in school now, I can only shop much later ugh. And yes, FYI, Sephora will be having a Black Friday sale in a week's time!!! So that'd be a really great time to buy gifts for your loved ones (or for yourself also ok haha)!!! I'm eyeing a lot of their cute Christmas sets. Just wait for my updates on Snapchat for the 20% discount code hurhur.

Ming lightly dangled the idea of another Christmas gathering this year under my nose, and I got all excited!!! Omg... can't wait for Christmas.... ahhh hopefully this year's will be just as memorable as the last!!!


My friend, Katelyn, has just started her own brand to provide photography services! I think it's very admirable when one takes a leap of faith to pursue something that they're truly passionate about. If you ever need a memorable moment to be captured, you can definitely consider Katelyn.

She is very versatile and always patient to hear your visual or aesthetic vision.

Below are the pictures she captured of me for Revolve. Katelyn and I got to know each other at a studio shoot, and have never tried outdoor shoot. There isn't much directing for studio, and to see her in her own element and comfortably giving directions during our outdoor shoot is pretty refreshing. 

So if you like her work or need her services, look her up at!

wearing H&M top, GRLFND Joan Crop Flare Jean, and ZARA boots

I'm not a pants or jeans person. It's hard for me to find the right bottom and, I love this crop flare jeans??!?!?!?!!! I mean, look at the raw hem... aww. Also, ya, it goes with most of the casual shirts I have.

GRLFND carries mostly denim apparels. If you're hunting for a good pair of jeans or anything denim, this is a good brand to start with. We all have a go-to denim shorts that we wear almost daily, and I got mine from GRLFND!!! I'm beyond happy especially when I hate shopping for bottom. (click!).

So here's the story: when I was asked by Hyunjin (the very sweet and understanding Revolve staff whom I correspond with - not bootlicking but she's rly very patient with my hectic school schedule) to select the pieces I like, I knew I need to get a bomber with some sort of flowery visuals. I don't know why I was so adamant but it's just something I want to check off my list. And so, I saw this. I was a little hesitant cause yknow... Singapore's weather c'mon. Nevertheless, I took a risk and got it. And to my surprise, hey........ it's lighter than I expected bruh. The material is really lightweight. It's not too hot for outdoor and not too thin for indoor (think cinema).

Ok. Tularosa is one of the brands I constantly keep a look out for (other than Privacy Please and Lovers + Friends). Go and check out their page (here) and you'll know why *wink* unless your style differs from mine haha. 

This is Ming's favourite out of the all. I don't have much to say cause I like the pants more.... haha. It's definitely going into my lazy-yet-presentable-enough get-up pile.

Ok I'd love to stay and write more but time constraint guys.......... two papers next week!
Till then, love y'all!!!