Saturday, August 23, 2014


Hi guys, I guess I'm back (briefly) from the unannounced short break I decided to take. This is just a really quiet comeback. For those who're still checking this space, I am extremely grateful for your loyalty. It does feel a little weird to be writing again, after being liberated from this space for awhile. I've been fine-tuned to pen academic research papers, hence I might sound a little distant. Adjusting the writing appeal from factual to emotional feels a little unfamiliar right now, I'm getting rusty haha.

School was rough. If you hadn't known, I'm currently doing University of Buffalo's Bachelor Degree in Mass Communications in SIM. Many gave off the impression that breezing through SIM is very much possible because it's easy but in all seriousness, no. I honestly don't think it is anything like what is stereotyped, well, at least not for my course. With the experience from prior tertiary education in Ngee Ann poly, I still don't think it's thaaat easy. Or maybe I'm just hard on myself. I want to do well. School weighs a significant lot of importance than many other things in my life.

School break started on the 14th and the new semester will begin on the 25th. That's.... in 2 days time. I am not looking forward it at all. The stress accumulated from previous semester hasn't dissolved entirely. I'm only half-charged and yet, I've to go at it again (?!)

This break, I went back to Bangkok (my favourite escapade) again. This time, with Yi Ming, someone I'd (maybe soon) introduce to you guys. And did a lot catching up with precious friends over the past few days since my return. It is true what they say, time gap don't exist between true friends. Naturally, you pick up where you left off.

Alright, I shall stop here now. I'm still getting used to this; connecting to you guys all over again. Gonna get some rest and have a blast at Shamo's birthday party tmr! Look forward to my insta posts yeh, the employment of my least awkward medium heh heh.

I sincerely hope you guys have been well while I was away.