Friday, January 22, 2016


School is gonna start next week. I have somehow managed to get myself a 2-day week timetable. So for now, I've gotta think about how to really occupy myself on my free days. 

My grandma lost her eldest child last week and for my mom, a sister. I vividly remember how she held on to me and said, between sobs, "There were eight of us. Now, there are only six." Suddenly, upon hearing those words, I felt all my grievances about being an only child melt into shame and seep away into the cold ground. Well, at least there will be fewer losses for me to deal with in future, right?


I stumbled upon this video and I thought it'll do us good to watch it. Note to self: We are all going to be parents one day. And if we are to be parents, let's at least be responsible ones. I mean, we have total power in dictating the kind of generation we are going to raise. I, for one, wish to witness future generations free from verbal abuses or, rather, any form of bullying. Remember how when we were young, we had the tendency to use words we did not fully comprehend.

I recalled a time where I casually inserted  the word "lame" into a conversation with my mom. Puzzled, she was like, "Lame? Like limp lame?" At that time, I scoffed. While "lame" may not have been nasty enough a word to cripple my childhood experience, there are definitely harsher words out there floating around the ears of innocents. These words might actually hurt someone's self esteem, fo'real.

Also, though the video mainly focuses on girls, I do think that this message is equally as important for the boys. Bullies know no gender.

We use words that we ought not to lightly because we have imposed our own relatively harmless meanings (refer to video here) onto them. However, no child nor adult should be subjected to derogatory words, even if said words are meant as teases.  As I grow older, I'd like to be more aware of social issues - both domestic and global - so that I don't burden my future children with a narrow mindset or embarrass them with a family environment that promotes borderline racist.

I've sooooooo many clothes I've to clear from my closet. Would a flea be a good idea, or should I just stick to carousell? If you didn't already know, I've begun putting things up on my carousell account, @irinatyt. I'm still pretty new to the whole system so...... pardon me if my item descriptions aren't satisfactory. 

Hey, would you be interested in coming over to my place if I were to have a garage sale of my wardrobe? Would you come??? But wait, is that illegal in Singapore, though? Hmm..................... Let me know cause I rly have a lot of goodies to sell!!!! Some pieces are even totes new!! 

I was going through the photos in my phone and felt the overwhelming urge to have them up. I haven't shared much with you guys recently and would love to let you have a glimpse of what I had been up to during the holidays. It's not everything, but these sure are something to me. 

The day Ming and I took a flight to BKK, the moment my last paper ended. It was also the very day we ate something wrong and had food poisoning. So, we stayed in the hotel for the half of the entire stay. It wasn't fun then but in the hindsight, it was memorable to just lounge around, fight for toilet, puke our guts out and and splurge on foodpanda.
After BKK, I had the opportunity to help Hoho out with her ballet kids.
It had been ages since I visited my hometown. Hence, my mom put together a family trip for everyone. So, I thought this trip would be a good opportunity for the significant people in my life (who happened to be free then) to see what it was like growing up for me in Malaysia. It was nice that they could finally put a place to the stories I've told them about. The town I came from. The houses I used to live in. The places I used to go. The food I used to eat. And how everything had a part to play in making who I am today. 
Found an old picture of my mom and aunts in the temple my grandpa built. Grandpa was such a hero.
(Filter rly does make a difference right.....)
Best bak kut teh of all time
Soon, it was Christmas! I decided to continue my cookies-giving practices to my friends last year.  What made it better was having Ming together in this. We only managed to make one batch and ended up delivering to only half of those on the list. This coming break, friends, we'll give you what we owe... promise!
Looking Christmasy enough for Christmas dinner :*)
We were actually in BKK to celebrate our anniversary. However, since we were down with food poisoning, we forwent the date we had planned for ourselves. To make up for that debacle, we decided to play it up on our last monthsary of the winter break. I got us both tickets to get our adrenaline pumping at the MegaZip Adventure, Sentosa. 
To be honest, it wasn't easy at all. Seriously, the obstacle course looked waaaayyy easier than it actually turned out to be. My legs were shaking from the first obstacle to the last and at one point I even turned to Ming with a look that said, "Why did we put ourselves through this....." But but but, all in all, it was seriously worth it. After getting used to the ropes and regaining our sense of balance, it was really a blast! 

Yi Ming: Nothing bonds two people better than adversity. 
This photo was taken by a really cute 5 year old boy. He was brave enough to take the zipline alone...... how. He was so cool I knew I had to befriend him.
RAC, one of the reasons that attracted me to Ming, was spinning at Zouk. The whole lot of us decided to yolo it out. It was nice to feel young again. Slightly wretched but it's okay hehe. Those of you guys who said hiiiiiiiii, thanks for acknowledging me while I'm intoxicated and could have potentially embarrassed myself. It was nice meeting y'all :*)

It's been a good year with you, my love. I've never understood the term "best friend" when used on boyfriends, but I know now. With you, I feel less alone. Like in this world, someone actually gets me.

And so, here is where I end my post. Reminder: It's okay if 2015 wasn't your year. Humans make mistakes and circumstances may suck sometimes, but we always learn. No matter what, remember to always hold your head up high and know your worth! Here's hoping that all of you sweethearts are blessed with lots of happiness and love this 2016.
May this be the year you fulfil all your dreams. 
To 2016!