Friday, February 01, 2013


Now, I know I don't have to. Those above are irrelevant. 

I realize ever since I got into this relationship, it felt like I've been sucked into this whirlpool where I feel emotionally unstable most of the time and all I need is just a pair of steady hands to grab and hold onto to me. And Jeremy has been doing a great great job on that. This whirlpool also has left me felt irrelevant to the world, like somehow I've gotten lazier and don't see the need to socialize, to catch up, to get to know because I already feel sufficient right now.

I could spend all day, lying down, staring into his eyes and not hang out with my friends. Guys, this is the best time to award the best girlfriend award as well as the worst friend award. I'm sorry that I'm so honest. I know I used to diss girlfriends like that, for placing their boyfriend first and come running to us when a fight happens. But guess what? Maybe that's what girlfriends are for? 

The thing is, the intimacy and connection I feel with Jeremy, I can never replicate that with anyone else ( as of now). I don't know what future holds for us, but this feels pretty good right now. Thank God for making this work out, really. Amen.

 And, on January 28, we turned one. 
Finally, one year together.
Yes, this is my longest record and his as well haha.

Who ever thought... really.


Because January 28 was on Monday, we couldn't do much and decided to celebrate it later.
I'm pretty sure this boy is gonna merge V-day and 1-year celebrations today, just lengthen the wallet's content lifespan but whatever, I could make do with anything :-)  

So, we spent our weekend randomly like this:

Irina saw trash under a void deck. She picked it up, and threw it at the nearest garbage can.
That's not all. She picked up scrap pieces from the styrofoam trash.

And began to rub them against each other.

Just to create fake snow on a hot and humid Saturday.

Look at how happy she is. 
That's how Jeremy would tell a story about how her lame girlfriend entertained herself.

B, thank you for loving me.
Throughout for the past 365 days.

We look alike, don't we? I know... haha.