Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I've never made any physical bucket list before, usually a mental one, so this would be my first. I have never been the planner, keep-up-with-schedule kind of girl. Everything is mentally written in my head. If I happen to forget, that's that then haha. I prefer to do things spontaneously. Not everything has to be planned (only some) cause sometimes, the unexpected always turns out to be the best. 

I think my bucket list shows a lot of my personality from the things that I wish to do/achieve. So from this, you can probably gauge what kind of person I am. There are some things I want to do which could possibly make you cringe, but I've got good explanation for them. As to whether you wanna believe or take it, it's really not my problem.

It's already August now, entering September soon. I've only got about 3-4 months left till 2014. So I guess this is quite a reasonable 2013 bucket list (though written a little late) hahaha. 

Yes, my attempt to smoke weed. I don't know. Is that rad to y'all? Maybe yes, maybe no. Haha. You should know I've never smoked before. So why would I wanna try weed right? I've always been very curious about its effects and how it leads to people doing things they shouldn't or maybe it's a lie or an excuse; kinda like alcohol except that liquor is legal here. Since weed is actually pretty harmless, I don't mind trying just to put my curious mind to ease. I've been lied to about certain things just cause I've never experienced them in my life. So by equipping myself with knowledge and experiences, not only it makes me feel wise but also safe. I'd so ready to combat such similar situations in future cause the future Irina would be capable enough to detect the shit that sprouts outta mouths.

The list could've been longer but I started crying halfway cause I realize how badly I want to live.

Monday, August 26, 2013


How I looked last Friday night 

How I look now (as I'm blogging this)


Saw this on Thought Catalog sometime back in BKK. Wanted to share this with you guys but couldn't find a better time than now. So guys, from now on, your argument on natural look/beauty is invalid to me. It's freaking experimented on, so don't you dare tell me otherwise hahaha. If natural beauty was more attractive, cosmetic companies would have gone bankrupt by now. Cosmetic companies are aware of this, hence they invented the 'no makeup' makeup. How convenient.

It's crazy the kind of effects the opposite sex have on the other. I know of a couple of girlfriends who slept with their makeup on (at the initial stage) just to impress their boyfriend. I wouldn't call that stupid at all, cause for sure, we have done something equally stupid when we were in love. So don't judge others, just cause they sin differently from you.

I did some errands with mom today and suddenly, I said something I felt like I shouldn't have but I meant it anyway. "I think it's better to be the other woman than the married one." She paused for a while to take in what I said. She knew exactly what I meant and she understood. She also knew my faith for a good marriage is wearing thin. Since all men cheat these days, isn't it easier to be the other woman just to safeguard yourself. Then again, I never liked the idea of third wheel so I can never ever bring myself to do something I already despise. Ironically, people also often say, "The world is huge. There are 7 billion people in this world. Get out and meet someone new!" If men are said to be all the same, what's the point of travelling half the globe just to reaffirm that statement? 

It's funny how one moment I'm all hopeful about love and the other I'm the quickest to shoot it down. And now oobviously, I'm in the "haha what's love" mood so yeah goodnight guys.

I’m an acquired taste…not for everybody, but for the ones that get me…
I will give you all of me, all the time.” - Jhene Aiko

Thursday, August 22, 2013


This movie has been sitting on my computer in my "To Watch" folder for the longest time and finally, I watched it today. What was I thinking, taking so long to watch this movie?! It features the loveliest actors and actresses and somehow I just overlooked it. Just like any other good movies, it is totally underrated. The script was absolutely amazing; so raw and real. The movie simply showcases human's stupidity and naivety when it comes to love, in the rawest form without any drama complications or Hollywood style, hence totally relatable. What I love about the movie is that it explores a lot of issues I have been thinking about, though it didn't offer me answers (cause such answers don't exist), I am glad to gain another perspective. For those who've been through hard love, watch it and always remember you're not alone /hugs/

I did because they said it was the right thing to do,
and I thought so too.


  I am so in love with the conversation they had in this scene
Daniel: I'm sorry
Alice: Irrelevant
Alice: Why didn't you tell me earlier?
Daniel: Cowardice
I honestly believe in what Alice thought, because I've thought about it as well but never did express. That there would always be this moment where we would sink into a momentary pause to weigh and make a decision on the spot; to do or not. And those who opt for a decision that would hurt their loved ones because of the lack in self-control and low will in resisting lust. Pure weakness, I simply can't respect.



Why are we all so bitter this way?



 This is a total mindfuck, not only in the movie but also, in real life scenario. I see this as a double-edged sword. Why so? Think about it. If you say yes, "I forgive you for making a fool out of me and please love me again", then you're probably still a fool for potentially putting yourself through second phase of misery. But if you say no, "I'm sorry I cannot bring myself to forgive you", then you'd be deemed as not being understanding and undeservingly of love for that. So what's what? Pfft.


 Yes, she did Daniel. 
You're a fool for not being able to see.




"I amuse you, but I bore you"
 “And on some small level, I think you owe me something for deceiving me so exquisitely.”

Mike Nichols, this movie is brilliant. 
And I can tell you love Julia Roberts a lot by using her repeatedly in your films.
Though I'm sorry for spoiling so many beautiful scenes, believe me, there's actually more than this.


 Feel so blessed and loved each time I look at this :')

Travelled with Makmak, a good friend of mine and subsequently met up with other friends there

Purita is where Makmak's friend, Grace lived.
It's also near the cafe that serves really nice food which y'all will see in my vlog later.

 I am very open to street food. I am not afraid. I will try anything.

 Was mouthing something I'm not even sure what

Waiting to get our nails done hehehehe
And yes, I got what I want ^^

The weather's very dry in Bangkok so it's a must for mask every night before I sleep.

All refreshed!

 Dress from RunwayBandits!
They ship worldwide hehe

BKK is always wet past evening

Makmak watched Conjuring the night before she came to BKK
so she told me this on the very first night, 
"Babe, I saw a woman cradling a baby next to you last night while you're asleep"

... ok babe

At first I didn't really like this photo of me, was hesitant if I should post it
and apparently, some said it's the best photo of me so okay... hahahahhaha

Went to the much-raved about Mr Jones Orphanage.
Yes, the ambience was amazing but the cake I ordered was so-so only.

Truly exhausted that night.
Went to check out the clubs.
And going to club in Bangkok on a Wed is like going to club in Singapore on a Thurs.
It was really weird....


So yeah, basically it's almost like that everyday

Went to Escape Hunt with the boys.
A place I didn't regret going and would recommend everyone to go!
And I'll definitely go back again the next time I'm in Bangkok!

This is my group's facilitator and she told me that I was really good at this game.
And I said, "Actually every girl is secretly a private detective because the boys made them so."

Went to Soi Cowboy, the area infested with stripclubs (and horny men)(plus a few curious girls).

You'll hear all about it on my vlog
So just continue scrolling...


Met up with Nat, childhood friend form Malaysia!
So glad to see her after so so so long hehehe.

Have been wanting to try coconut ice-cream but this was so-so only :-(
Didn't manage to try the popular or said to be the best one in Chatuchak.