Friday, August 09, 2013


"Butterflies can’t see their own wings, so they don't know how beautiful they are."
"We are like butterflies too." 

 Blogging in points: 
1. Taking off to Bangkok on Sunday
2. Yet to make a mental list on what to pack
3. Thinking of doing BKK vlog (no guarantee)
4. Oh, note-to-self: bring portable charger!!!
5. I've been to BKK before but it's always with family, so this time I'd be able to explore more
6. Do let me know if you know of any cool/underground/hidden places to share, thank you very much in advance :')
7. I can't wait to get away, considering how this long holiday hasn't been thaaaaat beneficial for me
8. Wanted to blog in points because I didn't wanna think about putting proper sentences and stringing them together and now it seems like my sentences are getting longer as I progress.
9. Ok, stop the whole sentence thing
10. Why am I such a sentence-whore
11. Why did I just degrade myself
12. Why am I not making sense
13. Ok, gonna stop now
14. Goodnight you bunch of sweet things
15. Tomorrow's a better day

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