Thursday, August 08, 2013


 I've always loved this couple from their very first movie Before Sunrise followed by Before Sunset. Again, Before Midnight blew me away with the genuinity of the plot. I love how the movie is so raw and well-reflected on real life where viewers can all identity with at different stages of life. 

And yes, highly recommended by Irina

This scene shows the vast difference in our generation who believes in practicality than the older generation who believes in possibility of true love and everlasting companionship. And this scene tugged my heart strings definitely, it's so relatable and it's something I've been struggling, trying to figure out if the idea of marriage and love these days is what it is anymore? 



 Maybe this is why many artists choose to stay in their own bubble and live in their own fantasy safe haven to survive this mad mad world with harsh reality.

This. I can't even. 


I hope I didn't spoil anything for you guys hahaha.

For screenshots of the previous sequels:

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